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25 super relaxing date ideas

After a relaxing date- but over Netflix? Check out these 25 relaxing date ideas.

A couple reading a book while relaxing on the bed together after reading these relaxing date ideas

Sometimes you want your dates to be romantic. Sometimes you want them to be adventurous. And sometimes you just want to relax.

Let’s face it – life can come with many pressures. If your date night happens to leave you rested and rejuvenated then I’d call that a win.

Whether you’re after relaxing date ideas at home or out of the house, you’re sure to find something to enjoy with these date ideas that are low on pressure and big on positive connection.

It’s all about spending that quality time together.

P.S. I may have lied – Netflix does feature in this list. Just letting you know now.

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Brunch it

Once you reach a certain life stage, the only place you want to go to at night is your bed. A dinner date can seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s where the humble brunch takes center stage. You can go out wearing casual clothes, soak in the relaxing atmosphere and then enjoy the deliciousness that is bacon. Because brunch must feature bacon. And pancakes.

Build your own indoor fort

Remember the simple days when you were a kid and you’d construct an indoor fort and spend hours tucked away in there?

My best forts were always when we upended the sofas and put some blankets on the top. The sofa cushions made great mattresses and sometimes if we were being super flash, we’d wheel the television over so we could watch it inside.

Of course it is so much simpler today as all you need is a device of some kind, and you can spend your date in your own little cave. Maybe even watch a movie marathon or two (see below)!

Create your own concert

If you can’t get to a concert, well then a concert can come to you.

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of concert you liked to put on when you were a kid, that involved dress-ups, lip-syncing and air guitar. I’m talking about finding what you can on You tube or the like of your favorite artist’s live performances, creating a playlist and then soaking it all in.

Channel your inner beauty therapist

Create your own at-home spa date. Not so much helping shave your husband’s back here – rather think hand massages, foot massages, maybe a face mask or two. You can wrap yourself in fluffy white robes and laugh at how ridiculous you look as your face hardens and cracks.

Create your own cheese tasting experience

A beautiful cheese board as one of the relaxing date ideas is cheese tasting

Grab a platter and a range of cheeses, crackers, oatcakes, bread, condiments and other goodness.

The key here is variety – look at cheeses which are creamy through to hard through to crumbly, those with varying strengths and also those with different shapes and colors – because that looks pretty.

Then consider what fruit and crackers complement the cheese the best. For example, pears, figs and walnuts are a match made in heaven with blue cheese. Grapes work well with cheddars and berries and olives tone down spicy cheeses.

Then conduct your own cheese tasting using the Academy of Cheese’s four stage process. They even have a handy cheese tasting sheet you can download.

Cruise your way to dinner

There’s something inherently relaxing about a cruise on the river. The water is calm, the pace is slow, and the rumbling of the engine is like white noise. Add in food, and you’re on to winner.

After you’ve had your dinner, you can go onto the deck and enjoy the peace together.

Do a date night box

If you want a fun experience but without having to think to much about it, then a date night box is for you.

Date night boxes come packed with everything you need. Some are themed by month, some stand alone, some will even enable you to solve crimes! Your traditional date box will often contain food and bonding activities, whereas mystery-based boxes often contain a story and clues, some of which unfold over several boxes until you crack the case.

Check out Date box club, , Night in boxes, and Hunt a killer for ideas.

Embark on a movie marathon

I have a husband that likes ALL the subscription services. By far the best part of having so much tv at your fingertips is that you can embark on a movie marathon with ease.

Want to watch all the Star Wars or James Bond movies? Hope you’ve got a day or two free!

Less time available? What about reliving some childhood memories by watching Harry Potter?

But seriously, a movie marathon is one of those relaxing date ideas that keeps giving. Make it your goal for the year to knock off a particular series, just one every couple of weeks. You’ll find it’s great for conversation too as you look at character development, plot twists and the like.

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Fire up the fire pit

Watching the flicker of flames is a peaceful , calming activity (unless, of course, something is actually on fire).

Create an antipasto platter or get one delivered. Set the scene with some comfy outdoor chairs, a low table for that platter and your drinks, and a warm blanket. Wait until night falls, then light the fire. Talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.

Gaze at the stars

Couple looking at the stars on a relaxing date

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where there is not much light pollution, then a night spent stargazing, lying on a blanket, is relaxing and romantic date idea.

Whether you try this from the comfort of you backyard or go further afield, you can simply wonder at the universe, or you can get fancy with it and try and identify constellations.

Go fishing

Having a husband that doesn’t even like to kill flies means this date for us is off the table, however there’s nothing to stop you from adding it to your list of relaxing date ideas.

As I have no experience in this matter, you’ll want to check out Fishing Duo’s guide to fishing dates for handy hints which include the very sensible suggestion of going somewhere you know in order to avoid arriving “at a lake entirely surrounded by cattails and swamp.” Not the most romantic.

Go for a long walk

My husband is a runner. Me – not so much (call me a woman who runs and complais about it- that might be more accurate). Give me a long walk though, and I’m a happy person.

To make a long walk a successful relaxing date, you need to pick the right location. I am fortunate enough where I live to be a block and a half from the beach, and better yet, there’s a coastal trail that goes all the way to a romantic lighthouse. There’s plenty to look at and the sight and sound of the waves is immediately soothing.

Because you’re walking – not running – you also have ample opportunity for conversation without the competing distraction of any devices. If the massage idea was great for physical touch people, this one is perfect if you love quality time.

Go on a road trip

Pick a destination an hour or two from your home. Get into your comfy clothes and grab some snacks for the car and your favorite road trip playlist. Enjoy the chance to talk to each other while you eat up the miles.

When you arrive in your chosen destination, grab something to eat, maybe take a walk, and then head back. If you time it right so you’re driving back in the dark, you’ll get that warm, snug feeling like it’s just the two of you in your own private universe.

Have a couple’s massage

Of all the relaxing date ideas you can do out of the house, this is a hands-down winner. Couples massages leave you feeling soft and relaxed – not to mention pampered. The best thing to do afterwards is head to a cafe for a light meal or home for some cuddles.

Massages are especially good if either of you scores high in physical touch for your love language.

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Have fun with a food kit

Couple cooking a meal kit meal together as a relaxing activity

Take the thinking out of what to make for dinner during your relaxing date by getting a food kit delivered and whipping it up together.

You’ll get to experience a meal you haven’t had before, with the comfort of knowing that it must be reasonably simple or it wouldn’t make the cut as an option!

I also find even having the portions measured out already means a lot of time saved.

Just be aware of timeframes if you are opting into a traditional meal subscription service as opposed to a one off as it may be a week or so before you can get it delivered.

Plan a picnic

You’ll note that planning is part of the date, because without a well-planned picnic, you can find yourself getting sunburnt, bitten by insects, drinking cold coffee and eating warm sandwiches.

Check out these romantic picnic foods for some great ideas on what to take on your picnic.

Once you’ve decided on your food, think about what makes a relaxing al fresco experience for you. Is it a hat, sunscreen, and a good book? Make sure you take these items with you.

The location is also key. The beach can seem like a relaxing location in theory, but after more than a few sand-sandwiches, I know my preference is for rivers and lakes.

Power down

One of the most intriguing things about humans is how we often do what is easy for us and not what is good for us. That’s why we’ll sit there and wile away the hours on our phones, mindlessly scrolling, when we could be doing something so much better for us and for our relationship.

If you want a really relaxing date then you need to remove these easy distractions. Powering down does just that, taking away everything that’s dependent on electricity.

Depending on the season and time of day, this could mean snuggling up under some blankets while burning lots of candles, or having a picnic outside. Whatever you do, nothing that needs to be powered by electricity should be used.

Practice meditation

Reading the heading above gives me flash back to the Parks and Rec episode where Ron Swanson did not meditate for six hours.

Meditation helps to quiet the monkey brain and is a great way to reset and refocus. Like all things, the energy of it is increased when done with others, so why not give it a try?

If either or both of you are completely new to meditation, then I suggest you find a class. Make sure you read the description to see what you’re up for – it could be simple secular mindfulness or with a more Eastern flavor.

More practiced people can use a meditation off an app or sourced from the web.

After your meditation session you’ll feel a sense of peace you can carry into the rest of your day.

Take a walk in your local gardens

Take your time exploring what your local gardens have to offer. You may be amazed with what treasures are on your doorstep.

You can stroll hand in hand, sipping on a coffee, and taking in the sights and scents around you.

If you’re the kind of couple that loves home improvement, talk about how the different styles might work in your home, or think about how you could incorporate some design elements (or even a particular plant) into your garden.

Take a scenic train ride

Train tracks stretching into the horizon

Taking a scenic train ride can be a whole new experience if your usual means of transportation is car. You can sit back, relax, and let someone else do all the work while you see a familiar landscape from a totally new perspective.

Try a cooking class

Cooking classes are my favorite thing to do when visiting a new country. I find them the perfect way to experience some local cuisine and hear local stories. Plus you get to eat what you make.

Cooking classes are more relaxing then simply cooking a meal at home as most of the time, everything has been nicely prepared for you, and all you need to do is follow the instructions. A bonus is that if you have a disaster then help is right at hand.

Add the novelty factor to your date night by selecting a cuisine that neither of you have tried before.

Turn back time

What were your favorite movies or tv shows when you were a child? Thanks to the wonderful world of subscription tv and You Tube, you’d be hard pressed to NOT find those childhood classics that kept you enthralled.

If you want to make this relaxing date night even more of a bonding experience, then try taking turns with your selections and then explain afterwards what it was you loved about it.

I don’t know about you, but once I’ve finished writing this, I’m going to try locate The Great Muppet Caper.

Visit an aquarium

As far as relaxing date ideas go, visiting an aquarium should be up on the list. It’s dark, sounds are muted, and there’s lots of pretty colorful fish to look at. You can take your time wandering (and wondering) to your heart’s content.

Make sure you check out the site of your local aquarium before you plan your date as many also have special events. For example, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has had dance lessons where you can enjoy the incredible views of manta rays and whale sharks while you groove away with your loved one.

Watch a movie al fresco

Yes, I now that watching a movie or show has featured more than once on this list – but that’s because it really is a low-effort date night experience.

People have been entertained by stories since the dawn of time, and people love to talk about their opinions of said stories.

If you can’t find a drive-through or local outdoor movie, elevate your movie watching at home by having it outdoors. A backyard movie night is lots of fun, and you’d be amazed how easy it is to pull off a spectacular looking show with the help of an inflatable screen or the like!

Here’s everything you need for your own backyard movie night.

Watch the sunset

sunset on the water

Sit together under a blanket and watch the sun go down then treat yourself to a specular sunset.

Date night = food, so consider some delicious sweet treats for your sweet heart. Once night has fallen, prepare a s’more’s board and get the bonfire going for some relaxing romance.

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Date night is a wonderful opportunity to connect. The problem comes when we always expect date night to be a well-planned, high-effort experience – and who has time for that! You can have a date night that’s relaxing and fun with these 25 relaxing date night ideas.

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