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Quality time activities for couples

If you or your husband speak the love language of quality time, then check out these 26 quality time activities for couples for some awesome new ways to make your bond stronger.

A couple standing outside at sunset. They are holding their hands together in a way that makes the shape of a heart around the sun. The text overlay says, Quality time activities for couples.

If your love language is quality time, then you’ll know that the best way for you to feel loved is to spend time with your husband.

Yet in this crazy busy world, where rushing seems to be the order of the day, quality time might be one of the hardest love languages to pull off.

So much easier for your man to purchase you a gift, or give you a hug, or tell you well done, right?

But when he gives you his undivided attention – while not looking at his phone, laptop, or television- or goes and does something with you, you feel cherished and valued, because you understand the effort involved.

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Gary Chapman, author of The 5 love languages: The secret to love that lasts, notes that quality time also comes with an important by-product: the things you do create memories that can be savored for years to come.

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In addition, experiencing novelty together makes us feel more in love, more satisfied with our relationships (source).

And none of this might be news to you – on an intellectual level.

The kids are getting older now too – so you have the opportunity.

And yet, quality time is just not happening in your marriage.

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So here’s a challenge.

First of all, make sure your husband understands the importance of knowing your love language, you his, and how this impacts your marriage (here’s a link to the quiz).

Then second, set yourself a goal that you will try one of the ideas below (or anything else you can think of) at least once a month, preferably once a week, for the foreseeable future.

Some of these ideas are free and some of them aren’t.

Some involve getting out of the house, others not.

The only key to selection, as Gary Chapman says, is to ensure that “at least one of you wants to do it, the other is willing to do it and both of you know why you are doing it- to express love by being together.”

At home quality time ideas for couples

These quality time activities for couples are perfect for when you don’t want to leave the house.

Have a stay-in-bed day

Couples quality time spent having a stay in bed day.

The rules are simple. Don’t get out of bed, except to make the other person breakfast, lunch or dinner.
This works best if you can do No. 2 at the same time. Perfect for a wet, winter’s day.

Binge-watch an entire season of a show together

Enough said.

Share your fave bands from teenage years on Youtube

Because songs evoke memories, it’s a great way springboard a conversation about each other’s childhoods that you may not have had for a long time.

Plan a vacation together

Couple spending quality time at home planning a vacation

You can research flights, hotels, local attractions… not only is it great fun, it also gives you something to look forward to.

Do a jigsaw puzzle

If you pick a puzzle, I recommend sticking to around 500 pieces. You want a date night, not a month-long odyssey!

Play a board game for two

You’ll want to check out these couple’s board games or, if you’re feeling adventurous, these bedroom board games.

Quality time date ideas for couples

Want a quality time date idea? Try these twists on classics.

Go to a new café and order for each other

Couple having coffee in a cafe as one of their quality time ideas.

Not only do you get to experience a new place, you get the novel challenge of having to pick something you think they will like.

Go to the movies

Any movie is enough to get the novel factor in, but if you really want to mix it up, make an agreement that you won’t check what’s on and that you’ll buy tickets for the next one to screen.

Visit the library

Go to either the public library or a used bookstore, and hunt out and find a favorite book from when you were a child (or teen or young adult).

Tell your partner the story of reading the book and why it was meaningful to you.
Get them to read it.

Alternatively go all out with these 10 date night at the library activities.

Go berry picking

A woman's hand cupping freshly picked strawberries.

There is something really satisfying about picking your own berries and as a plus, you get to take them home and eat them.

Do a random act of kindness

Not only will you feel good, you will feel good together. If you can’t think of any ideas, check out these suggestions.

Go to open homes or show homes

You can get fun ideas for your own home, or just be nosy. You can always adopt a fake persona for these visits.

Attend a major sporting event

Try being scored at NFL game

Now I want to preface this by saying that my husband is sports crazy and I am not, but over the last eight years, I have come to appreciate both rugby and cricket, and we have actually had heaps of fun attending live games together.

If you’ve never been interested in the sports your partner enjoys, I highly recommend this.

The atmosphere alone will be worth it.

Attend a local market

Add a little bit to your couple’s quality time experience by giving each other a small amount of money and buying something for the other person that you think they will enjoy.

Go for a hike

If you’re lucky to live close to nature, chances are there will be some walks around your area. Find one you’ve never been on and explore.

Do something they want to do

Couple laughing, enjoying some quality time activities for couples.

And don’t complain, moan or anything else about it! While you’re doing it, ask some of these fun questions for couples.

Do an embarrassment challenge

Go downtown and do something deliberately embarrassing like trip over yourself, talk with an obviously fake accent, or leave some food on your face or between your teeth.

Play detectives

My husband and I are fans of crime shows. We are both also introverts so having to do some social stuff can be painful and tiring.We make it a challenge to elicit information that we didn’t know from a random person.
We also practice eavesdropping and making up stories about people. This can be highly entertaining.

Dog walk or babysit for a friend

Couple walking dog in autumn woods

Not only are you doing a favor for a friend, but you can see a side to your partner that you may not have seen for a while.

Create a new ritual

This could be going for brunch on a Sunday, having a coffee at a particular coffee house, or taking a literal walk in the park.

Play tourist in your own town

It is an accepted truth that the more we live in a town the less likely we are to avail ourselves of what it has to offer. Get on Trip Advisor, see what is highly ranked nearby, and go for it.

Go on a road trip without telling your partner where you are going

Couples quality time on a car trip

Watch their excitement as they try to figure it out! Ask these road trip questions on your journey.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Keep it simple and consider having the clues be focused around your partner’s interests or places that have been significant to you both.

Revisit your childhood

Take your partner (or get him or her to take you) to where you grew up. Drive around your old houses and tell your partner your key memories. Pass your old schools and favorite parks.

Buy some art for your Artiversary

Couple spending quality time together at an art gallery

Some years ago now, my husband and I went to an arts’ weekend in a neighboring town. We don’t have a lot of art, and went with the vague idea we might find something.

We were in one place looking at a print, and overheard some older women talking about Artiversary- how they and their husbands bought a piece of art for every anniversary.

Well at that point it was almost our four-year anniversary and we seized on to this idea.

Now we look at this art in our house and it has both special meaning and a story.

If you’re short on money, there’s nothing to stop you finding something in a second-hand shop.

Go to a spa and have a couples’ massage

A fantastic choice if physical touch is also high on your list of love languages. Best if you can get one in the same room as each other.

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Feeling loved and giving love is fundamental to keeping the life in your marriage.

Yet sometimes we miss the mark, because we don’t speak the language our spouse understands.

And even if we do, we may have let life get in the way of expressing this language to each other.

With these quality time activities for couples, I hope you can find both inspiration and motivation to get off the couch and make some memories together. 

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Want greater connection in your relationship?

Then you'll want this freebie.

It's called The KISS Connection and it's a FREE 4-step everyday practice that will bring back that loving feeling.

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Saturday 6th of January 2018

I don’t think watching tv or movies is a good suggestion. This quality time that we seek usually needs to be interactive. This is my love language and I have to say I see plenty of movies with my husband and it never feels like much of a connection. The other ideas are pretty good though, thanks for the article.


Saturday 6th of January 2018

Trish, thank you for your comment, and I agree with your interactive comment. When my husband and I watch shows together they are 99% of the time watched in our own home. We make a cup of tea (I start it, he finishes it), we cuddle up on the couch and we get stuck into a series where we pause and talk often. Perhaps the way we do it helps to get that interactive element in. Have a great day.

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