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50 road trip questions for couples

These road trip questions for couples come with a twist! They’re all about road tripsone’s you’ve taken, one’s you’d love to go on, and more.

A couple in a car while asking each other road trip questions for couples

I love traveling as much as the next person. There’s something super fun about exploring uncharted territory, having new experiences, and making memories you can share with your loved one for years to come.

I especially love road trips (even more so since we bought an RV).

Working out what to wear, what to eat, what to listen to – the list goes on and helps build the anticipation that sits behind every good journey.

Creating good conversation is also a goal of mine during road trips.

Now, I have over 500 questions for couples including conversation starters and categories like never have I ever questions and favorite things questions that are super fun and more than fit for purpose for long car journeys.

However, in honor of the road trip, I decided I would create my own unique list specifically for the goal of increasing the quality of your next car conversation.

Here’s 50 questions for a road trip – but wait.

These questions for road trips are all about road trips. (Not road trip trivia like how many states does Route 66 cross – the answer is 8 by the way – but your loved one’s experience of road trips past and road trips planned for future. Just in case you were worried).

I know – how many road trip questions actually get meta? The answer is surprisingly few.

And when you ask and answer them, I’m not thinking about a one or two hour drive to visit your mom. I’m thinking about a real road trip – the kind you need to prepare for.

Chances are even if you’ve been with your partner a while, you haven’t had this kind of in-depth car conversation.

Without further ado, here are my road trip questions about road trips.

Couple in a car asking each other questions for road trips.
  1. What’s the most epic road trip you’ve ever taken?
  2. What’s the worst road trip you’ve ever taken?
  3. What’s the most unusual experience you’ve ever had on a road trip?
  4. Have you ever picked up hitchhikers on a road trip?
  5. If you had to listen to ONLY one band or musician for the entirety of a road trip, who would it be?
  6. Have you ever embarked on a road trip without an itinerary and no fixed destination?
  7. Tell me what would feature on your Top 10 road trip playlist.
  8. Would you rather use GPS or wing it on your road trip?
  9. Do you prefer to be the driver or passenger on road trips? Why?
  10. Tell me about the road trips you took when you were a child.
  11. Have you ever got lost on a road trip?
  12. Have you ever been in an accident on a road trip?
  13. Have you ever slept in a car during a road trip?
  14. What are your favorite road trip snacks?
  15. Have you ever driven through the night on a road trip?
  16. Do you prefer the scenic route or the fastest route on a road trip?
  17. What’s your dream road trip?
  18. Including your answer to the above question, what are the five road trips you’d like to do in your life?
  19. Have you ever had to turn back on a road trip?
  20. What’s the worst detour you’ve had to take on a road trip?
  21. Have you ever had to pee by the side of the road during a road trip?
  22. Would you rather be too hot in the car or too cold in the car?
  23. Who’s one person that you know you’d NEVER like to have accompany you on a road trip?
  24. Would you rather do a road trip in an rv or drive a car and stay in motels?
  25. Have you ever been violently ill on a road trip?
  26. What’s the longest you’ve ever driven in one day?
  27. What childhood road trip would you like to do again?
  28. Have you ever felt afraid on a road trip?
  29. Would you rather be driving to the beach or the mountains?
  30. Would you rather wild camp or stay in a campsite?
  31. What’s your favorite destination within a 3 hour drive from home?
  32. Have you ever done a solo road trip?
  33. What do you like best about road trips?
  34. What do you like least about road trips?
  35. What should our next road trip be?
  36. Would you rather have someone singing tunelessly along to music or drive in silence?
  37. Could you live without your phone on a road trip?
  38. Would you rather have no music or no snacks on your road trip?
  39. Can you read in the car?
  40. What items do you think are road trip essentials?
  41. If you could do a road trip with any 3 other people in the world, who would you pick and why?
  42. Would you want to do a road trip in another country?
  43. Where’s one place you’d never want to do a road trip?
  44. If you had a choice, would you rather do a road trip or fly?
  45. If we had to go on a road trip with another couple, who would you pick?
  46. What podcasts would you pick to listen to on a road trip?
  47. What’s your favorite car game to play?
  48. What car game could you happily never play again?
  49. Have you ever had a flat tire on a road trip?
  50. Which one of these road trip questions was your favorite and why?

Turn your next road trip into an opportunity to learn more about each other – this time by delving deep into the whole road trip experience.

Want some more questions that aren’t specifically about road trips?

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Alternatively make a fast game of it with these Yes or no questions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.