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Hey there! I’m Katie and like you, I wear a lot of different hats.

I’m a writer and product creator, an avid declutterer and not-so-good gardener, and an empty-nest mom with two furbabies to fill the gaps.

I’m also a wife.

In fact, I’ve been someone’s wife for much of the last 25 years…. just (ahem) not always the SAME person’s wife.

My first marriage was a case of too young, too naive, too much childhood baggage. I made it all about what I thought I wasn’t getting – not enough attention, affection, or getting taken care of.

I went looking for someone I thought would provide me with those things and walked into a nightmare.

At 36 with 2 divorces under my belt, I believed I wasn’t the kind of woman who could ever have a successful long-term relationship.

Then thanks to a mutual friend, I met Ben. Much to my surprise, I got my happy ever after.

With Ben, I learned that marriage could be magical – something that didn’t cause the dramas in your life but protected you from them. Something that was based on strong friendship AND strong attraction.

We sailed past the 7 year mark that had been the kiss of death in my previous marriages.

And at this point things things started getting real.

Not with our love – but with our lives.

Ben’s new job and my promotion meant that every evening from 5pm until 10pm life was a monotonous routine of cook, eat, clean up, work, sleep, repeat.

Saturdays and Sundays were filled with vacuuming, dusting, gardening, and everything else we hadn’t got to during the week – yet we still couldn’t catch a breath.

We were so focused on our business and our home, we had no time to focus on each other.

And every relationship, no matter how strong the love, needs care and attention.

I knew this marriage would make it – but I wasn’t prepared to let it settle.

It meant too much to me for that.

I started implementing things like:

  • daily practices that would make us feel appreciated and supported
  • weekly dates that would provide our lives with fun and novelty
  • regular check-ins that (among other things) would help the other achieve their life goals

And things began to get better.

Refocusing on our marriage helped us bring back the joy we’d had when we first met.

Not only that, it put into perspective the things that were threatening to derail our stability.

I’ve known since the moment I met Ben that I would love him for the rest of my life.

In gratitude and appreciation for that love, I want to make our lives together the absolute best they can be.

And I want the the same for you, whether you’re feeling disillusioned, disconnected, or simply disengaged with your relationship right now.

Because when marriage is the heart of the home, it’s a magical place to be.

Want to know how I can help?

Keep reading.

My mission

I know things aren’t exactly as you’d like them to be in your relationship.

The foundation is there.

The love is there.

The shared history is there.

But sometimes you feel like near-strangers who happen to be sharing a house.

You want more from your marriage than this.

My Sweet Home Life is for you.

The topics we cover won’t just bring the connection back – they’ll help you create a marriage your friends are green-eyed with envy over.

Here you’ll find:

  • everyday practices to improve day-to-day married life
  • tips to keep physical intimacy flourishing
  • fun date ideas to maintain novelty
  • ways to celebrate special events to make them more meaningful
  • guidance to work through common marriage problems

Head to the home page to see which scenario matches you right now.

But before you do, grab your free copy of The KISS Connection. It’s a simple everyday practice that can make your marriage magical.

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