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75 romantic date night ideas

Take some time to intentionally connect with each other with these 75 romantic date night ideas – ranging from things to do at home, on the cheap, or out and about.

A beautiful romantic couple hugging each other after reading these romantic date night ideas

“Romance” is a word that creates a very specific picture in our minds.

For many of us, it may look like a softly-lit restaurant, with candles flickering, music playing in the background, and hushed conversation.

It may also look like a walk along the beach at sunset, hand in hand, the wind playing gently in your hair.

To me, the common theme with romance is softness, warmth and beauty. It’s gentle touches and light kisses, not a rock climb followed by an intense session between the sheets (though all these things have their place).

All dates should involve focused attention on each other but a romantic date will bring back those feelings of being wrapped up in each other.

Here’s 75 romantic date ideas that cover romantic dates you can do at home, on the cheap and out and about.

Romantic date night ideas at home

A couple slow dancing at home: one of the romantic date night ideas

At home date nights should be part of every couple’s dating routine. Having at least one of your dates a month at home takes some of the pressure off that comes with planning and organizing out of the house dates.

And just because your date is taking place in the same location where you do most of your daily living, doesn’t mean it can’t be super romantic.

Here’s 25 romantic date night ideas you can do without leaving the comfort of home.

  1. Cook a romantic meal from this selection of date night dinner recipes
  2. Follow your dinner with a easy romantic dessert for two
  3. Make a campfire in your backyard. Pull up some garden chairs and make s’mores
  4. Have breakfast in bed (try this super easy waffle board)
  5. Turn off the lights, light all the candles and ask each other these romantic questions for couples
  6. Make a fort in your living room and hang out inside their together
  7. Watch some classic romantic comedies such as the ones featured on this list
  8. Look through your wedding album together, talking to each other about the emotions you were feeling at the different stages of the day
  9. Teach yourselves to slow dance using You Tube tutorials. Tip: search for First wedding dance choreography if you want to kick this up a notch.
  10. Watch wedding dances on You Tube
  11. Have a planned power outage – put all the devices away and take the time to connect with each other
  12. Have at at home spa date. You don’t need to get super skilled here or be busting out the face masks – my husband is a sucker for a good head massage
  13. Put a warm blanket on the grass, then lie outside together and look at the stars. Do some research beforehand using this constellation guide and look for the patterns
  14. Have story time – decide on a book you’d like to read together and then cuddle up on the couch and take turns reading. Take time after each session to discuss the book so far
  15. Turn a spare room into a “hotel room.” Put on fresh sheets, add flowers and even stock your own mini bar. Invite your spouse for a night “away”
  16. Watch a classic film that you’ve never seen before (think Casablanca, Singing in the Rain and Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
  17. Have a mocktail making session and then enjoy drinks sitting outside together
  18. Take your newfound mocktail making skills and make your own signature couple’s drink
  19. Have a chocolate tasting session with a twist. Select 5-10 different chocolates making sure you have two of each. Know the different types and then, wearing a blindfold, taste each one and guess what flavor it is
  20. Find 10 items around the house that have significance to you as a couple. Reveal them one at a time to each other, talking about why you selected it
  21. Get your spouse to buy some special lingerie and then have him put it on the bed while you shower. Then dress up for him
  22. Wake up, make a delicious pot of coffee, and then watch the sunrise together before talking about your dreams for the day
  23. Jump in the bath together. Bonus points if you add essential oil and candlelight
  24. Plan your second honeymoon. Think about all the places you’d like to visit together and research them
  25. Make a list of “reasons why I love you,” then give them to each other. Reasons why could include:
    why I love you
    why you turn me on
    why I love being your wife
    why I appreciate you
    why I always want to be with you

Cheap romantic date ideas

A couple having a picnic on a park with books surrounding them, after reading these cheap romantic date ideas

Free or cheap date nights are some of my favorite things to do because they force you to be creative and try ideas you might not have thought about before.

I aim for at least 1 or 4, sometimes even 1 out of every 2 dates to be free or on the inexpensive side. This also helps reinforce the idea that good times aren’t synonymous with money.

  1. Go on a picnic together. You can have morning, lunch, or night picnics. Try these picnic foods for two when planning your menu
  2. Play tourist in your own town by visiting at least one attraction that you’ve never been to
  3. Make a bonfire on the beach and listen to the waves crashing on the sand
  4. Take a hike to a local waterfall
  5. Find romantic quotes and share them with each other
  6. Go to an op shop and buy each other a gift that has meaning – the more obscure the better!
  7. Visit the local botanical garden, taking time to explore all it has to offer
  8. Write out a plan of your dream romantic date and give it to each other
  9. Go roller skating or ice skating
  10. Drive to your local make out point and jump in the back seat
  11. Check out the place with the best view in town
  12. Write each other a love letter, including from when you met to the highlights of your life together so far
  13. Make a bucket list of all the romantic dates you want to take together in your lifetime
  14. Find a local poetry reading and go listen
  15. Write a romantic poem or song about each other (the cheesier the better)
  16. Depending on the season, check out the cherry blossoms or go on a Fall foliage drive
  17. Check out your local paper or Facebook page and find a free concert – preferably one in the evening
  18. Make each other a customized romantic Spotify playlist. Select songs whose words have special meaning to you. Listen to them closely and then explain to each other why you selected them
  19. Hire a tandem bike
  20. Head to a local beach and watch the sunset together
  21. Visit an art gallery and kiss in all the empty rooms
  22. Buy 2 copies of a book you’ve both wanted to read and create your own mini book club
  23. Drive with no destination in mind (maybe listening to the playlists you created for no 14!)
  24. Buy a tree that represents your love and plant it. Go super cheesy and maybe bury some of those cute notes you wrote for each other in no 25 above at the bottom of the hole
  25. Go to your personal romantic spot (for us, it was a bench in a park we used to sit on when taking the dogs for a walk). Take along a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate. Reminisce about times gone by and then dream about the future

Romantic date night ideas

A romantic table setting on the beach, one of the romantic date night ideas
  1. Recreate your first date from the beginning to the end
  2. Enroll in ballroom dance classes
  3. Go to a drive in movie (or if you can’t do that, set up a movie theatre in your own backyard)
  4. Take a dinner cruise
  5. Go horseback riding (though being traumatized by horses, I have to say I wouldn’t find this that romantic. However, this isn’t all about me…)
  6. Visit a psychic together
  7. Hire a romantic cottage or cabin for the weekend
  8. Go on a Ferris wheel (even better if it’s night time). Kiss every time you get to the top
  9. Go to the ballet
  10. Have a progressive dinner at your favorite restaurants
  11. Have a couple’s massage
  12. Go out for dinner and order for each other
  13. Visit a tea room (here’s America’s best tea rooms)
  14. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  15. Take a ride in a limo or a horse drawn carriage
  16. Go shopping with a predetermined amount of money and buy each other a surprise romantic gift
  17. Buy a piece of art and hang it in your bedroom
  18. Take that plan your loved one wrote for you in no 8 of cheap romantic date ideas and do it
  19. Visit your nearest small town and spend the day there exploring the shops and local cafes
  20. Take a scenic train ride
  21. If possible, go to dinner where you had your wedding reception
  22. Go cheese tasting. Buy your favorite cheeses to take home with you so you can savor and remember
  23. Take a cooking class together in a traditionally “romantic” cuisine such as French or Italian
  24. Go out for dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town that requires you to get glammed up
  25. Book into that hotel you’ve always wanted to stay the night in and order room service

We can have fun, adventure and excitement with family members and friends. However romance is something special and unique to our relationship with our partners.

if romance is lacking, or you simply want an extra dollop of its sweet goodness, then try one of these 75 romantic date night ideas this very weekend.

Enjoyed these date ideas and want more? Try these date ideas for couples..

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.