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Date night movies you both will love

Have you been searching for good movies for couples to watch together for your next date night at home? If, like me, you have a thing for often cheesy, mainly American, usually romantic comedies, you’ll find this list of date night movies the perfect menu to select from!

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In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to connect with each other. Sharing a house – even a bed – doesn’t mean that we’re automatically intimate.

We need to intentionally make time for that to happen.

Setting aside that time in form of date night – maybe once a week but at least once a month – is a research proven indication that your marriage is more likely to go the distance (source).

But let’s be realistic. It’s not always easy or possible to drop everything and go out with your husband once a week.

That’s why the at-home date night is a great choice – in fact for us it would make up 50-75% of our date nights, depending on the time of year, energy levels and finances.

And date night movies are the simplest, easiest date night you can have.

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Why date night movies?

While it’s key to try new things, sometimes you can’t go past the staples.

As I mentioned above: watching a movie is simple and easy. It takes minimal effort so it’s a great go-to when you’re at capacity.

For that reason, I have compiled what I believe are the best couple movies of all time.

Now before you put on your critical lens, a couple of caveats. I’m an English teacher by trade and I love a well-crafted text (be it a novel or a film) as much as anyone.

But I also LOVE my entertainment.

And when it comes to selecting the best date movies, you need to be thinking about what’s going to appeal to you both.

For me and my husband, that generally means at times cringe-worthy comedy mixed in with some heart-warming degree of happy ever after. 

I mean, laughing makes you feel good, so that has to be a win.

I’m please to say that these date night movies pretty much have these in spades.

Due to my somewhat advancing age, it would also be fair to say that a bit of nostalgia also went into the selection, as I saw each of these movies when they were originally released!

Regardless of this, I’m still prepared to take anyone on who doesn’t agree that these are the best couple movies of all time.

Want to make your movie date night more special? Try creating your own backyard movie night.

Now since I know you will want to watch one, if not many, of these movies, I’ve indicated if you can get these date night movies through Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t have Amazon Prime video, click here to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial.

10 things I hate about you

What it’s about

Younger sister is not allowed to date until older sister starts dating herself. The difficulty is that older sister basically hates everyone and everything.

Why you’ll both like it

  • The music, particularly Joan Armatrading’s “The weakness in me” and Letter’s to Cleo version of “I want you to want me”
  • Dad is a classic – watch for the pregnancy suit
  • Heath Ledger is poignantly fantastic in the role of Patrick. The marching band scene is one of my faves
10 Things I Hate About You

A family rule forbids a teenager from dating until her unpopular, rebellious, older sister gets a suitor of her own.

This is a modern remake of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.

08/29/2022 03:42 pm GMT

The 40 year old virgin

What it’s about

A 40 year old virgin’s friends discover his inexperienced state and vow to help him become virgin no more.

Why you’ll both like it

  • Everyone can relate to some of the awkward moments in this film
  • The waxing scene
  • Steve Carrell masters his role as the underdog
The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Andy Stitzer has gone 40 years without "doing it". Now his pals are making it their mission to help him score - fast!

08/29/2022 05:02 am GMT

50 first dates

What it’s about

Hawaiian playboy falls in love with local girl. Only problem is she has no short term memory. He somehow has to win her love when every morning she wakes up and has no idea they’ve ever met.

Why you’ll both like it

  • The music is every one’s dream who grew up in the 80s (or loves 80s music)
  • Beautiful Hawaii location
  • Classic characters, including Lucy (Barrymore’s) steroid addicted brother
  • Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are a winning combination
  • Has the feelgood factor

I have to add that this was the first movie I took my kids to (my son was 11 and my daughter was 9) where the three of us all enjoyed it – and for that reason it has a special place in my heart!

50 First Dates

A Hawaiian playboy must make the girl of his dreams fall in love with him. The only problem? She has no short term memory.

08/29/2022 05:02 pm GMT

Couples retreat

What it’s about

A couple considering divorce convince their friends to attend a couple’s retreat with them so they can take advantage of a special deal.

Why you’ll both like it

  • Salvadore the yoga instructor has some great moves
  • The guitar hero scene
  • It reaffirms how much a good marriage means, which is pretty much the aim of a date night movie!
Couples Retreat

8 friends discover that their participation in a resort's unconventional marriage therapy activities are anything but optional.

08/29/2022 05:52 pm GMT

Crazy stupid love

What it’s about

A man, devastated by the news his wife has had an affair, is helped by a serial womanizer to become more of a man about town.

Why you’ll both like it

  • The whole womanizer falls for one woman is always fun to watch
  • The scene where certain relationships are revealed is hilarious
  • There’s some extremely talented actors who play their roles super well (yay for Steve Carrell again)
  • You get to see Ryan Gosling’s chest (okay maybe your husband won’t like that as much as you might!)
Crazy, Stupid, Love

40 something Cal Weaver has the perfect life - until his wife asks him for a divorce.

08/29/2022 06:52 pm GMT

Date night

What it’s about

A couple seeking to spark up their marriage steal the reservation of another couple to dine at a swanky restaurant. Unfortunately the people whose reservation they took are wanted by some pretty scary people.

Why you’ll both like it

  • Classic case of mistaken identity
  • Steve Carrell strikes again!
  • They’re having a date night, so we have to love it

Four weddings and a funeral

What it’s about

Charlie and his friends attend various social events, finding love (and loss) along the way.

Why you’ll both like it

  • Stars Hugh Grant from before the thing he was most famous for was being caught in his car with a hooker
  • Classic British comedy if you need to switch it up from the American stuff
  • The rendition of Stop All the Clocks
Four Weddings and a Funeral

Bumbling Charles keeping bumping into an intriguing American girl at various weddings... can they ever get together?

08/29/2022 01:42 pm GMT

Meet the parents 

What it’s about

Jewish nurse Gaylord Focker meets his girlfriend Pam’s parents, hoping to ask for permission to marry Pam, and is treated with some hostility by his WASP-y future father in law.

Why you’ll both like it

  • Robert De Niro plays a retired CIA operative with aplomb
  • Despite the overt cheesiness of the names, you have to love them
  • Three films to watch – you’ll love Meet the Fockers too, with my fave line: “You were riding him like Seabiscuit,” as well as Little Fockers
Meet the Parents

Nurse Gaylord Focker wants to propose to his girlfriend - but he has to get past her ex CIA, cat crazy father first.

08/29/2022 02:13 pm GMT

Never been kissed

What it’s about

Journalist returns undercover to high school, and, much to her dismay, quickly falls back into her geeky persona. 

Why you’ll both like it

  • The ending is super sweet
  • More great music
  • If you had a hard time at high school you’ll love this
Never Been Kissed

A journalist goes undercover at her old high school as part of research for a story.

08/29/2022 11:03 am GMT

The Princess Bride

What it’s about

This is a story of true love, featuring farm girls, pirate and Sicilians, narrated by a grandfather as he reads to his sick grandson

Why you’ll both like it

  • With its beautiful story, quality acting, and feelgood factor, it’s one of the classic date night movies 
  • The battle of wits with Vizzini (it’s inconceivable) 
  • Fans of Homeland will love seeing Mandy Patinkin in this much earlier incarnation
The Princess Bride

Fencing, fighting, giants and pirates ... and of course true love makes the story of The Princess Bride.

08/29/2022 03:02 pm GMT

Silver linings playbook

What it’s about

Recently released from a psychiatric institution, Pat attempts to win back his wife with the help of Tiffany – so long as he’ll enter a dance contest with her.

Why you’ll both like it

  • With its focus on mental illness, this film has more depth than some of the other date night movies on this list
  • The dance scene (you’ll know the specific part I’m talking about when you see it)
  • Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a magical couple in this film
Silver Linings Playbook

An unexpected bond is formed between a formerly institutionalized man and a woman with her own tragedy.

08/29/2022 03:27 pm GMT

The wedding singer

What it’s about

A wedding singer is dumped on his wedding day and thus finds attempts to perform increasingly challenging. His new friend Julia attempts to help him, and he ends up falling for her.

Why you’ll both like it

  • More great 80s music (date night movies and music? Yes!)
  • Adam Sandler’s “Somebody kill me please”
  • Glenn’s Miami Vice like pink t-shirt, white jacket and his car
  • It’s the original Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore combo
The Wedding Singer

It's 1985 and Robbie is the ultimate Master of Ceremonies - until he's left at the altar at his own wedding.

08/29/2022 03:52 pm GMT

When Harry met Sally

What it’s about

Two people have chance encounters over a 12 year period and put final answer to the question, can men and women ever really just be friends?

Why you’ll both like it

  • It’s probably the top of the list for movies for couples to watch together – the interwoven stories of the couples during the film add that special something.
  • Debating the answer to the above question can be fun (as can the term high maintenance)
  • You’ll finally understand the “I’ll have what she’s having” joke
When Harry Met Sally

Two people meet and go their separate ways twice before striking up a friendship.

But can men and women ever just be friends?

08/29/2022 04:32 pm GMT

Making the most of these date night movies

If you’ve been wanting to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a date night at home, then selecting one of these best date movies (in my humble opinion) is the way to go.

Whether it’s channeling high school dramas or asking yourself if men and women really can be friends, you’ll have lots of fun watching these movies together.

Make the most of the occasion by making a date night dinner or DIY pizza and then whipping up one of these easy romantic desserts.

Grab a warm blanket if it’s on the chillier side, snuggle in close, and enjoy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.