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DIY pizza date night

If you’re looking for a fun date night at home, then try a DIY pizza date night! It’s a fun way to get creative, make something delicious, and spend quality time together.

Couple eating pizza together with the text overlay Pizza date night at home.

My husband Ben and I have some long standing traditions in our home, and many of them revolve around food (for example, Ben has made me his delicious nachos every Friday night since we moved in together. That’s over 8 years worth of Friday night nachos!).

In addition to our Friday night nachos, we used to have Saturday night pizza. The only reason we stopped, frankly, was that I started putting on too much weight (we had to say goodbye to our regular Pancake Sunday around then too. It was a very sad time).

Despite giving up our once a week hit of pizza goodness, pizza date night does still happen – just not as often.

That’s because pizza date night ticks so many boxes: it’s fun, easy, AND you get dinner out of it.

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You can do pizza date night so many ways:

  • have a heap of toppings prepared and replicate the classics (or go wild designing your own dish) using pre-made pizza dough or crusts
  • make your own pizza from scratch (homemade dough and all)
  • add some romance to your pizza evening with a few special touches

You could also make pizza night a fun family date night or double date with another couple.

The list goes on. I mean, let’s be realistic. Anything that combines the love of your life with cheese is going to be good.

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Classic toppings for pizza date night

Black couple making pizza together on pizza date night.

One of the attractions of a pizza date night is that it’s easy. This is especially the case if you’re doing this on a Friday night where energy levels are low after a busy working week.

So if you want to go the super simple route for your pizza date night (without simply dialing your local pizza delivery) then try these common topping combinations for classic pizzas and pop them on pre-made pizza dough or crusts:

  • BBQ chicken: BBQ sauce + shredded chicken + cheddar + mozzarella + red onion
  • Hawaiian: pizza sauce + mozzarella + ham +pineapple
  • Pepperoni: pizza sauce + mozzarella + pepperoni
  • Margherita: (my absolute fave) pizza sauce + buffalo mozzarella + basil + olive oil + salt

If you’re a free spirit and want to try some of your own combinations, you’ll want:

  • pizza sauce
  • capsicum
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • olives
  • onions
  • cheddar cheese
  • mozzarella
  • anchovies
  • ham
  • pepperoni
  • sausage
  • shredded chicken

Did anyone say pizza?

Homemade pizza recipes

Wanting to get a little more inventive?

From pizzas made on store bought dough to ones totally from scratch, these recipes are just the thing for your pizza date night.

Recipes with pre-made dough

So you've made your dough OR bought some pre-made - or even bought pizza bases - no judgement here!

Now it's time to take that blank canvas and craft it into a masterpiece with these homemade pizza recipes.

Pizza dough recipes

Okay - you've decided to venture into the land of making things from scratch.

Here's some pizza dough recipes that are simple and easy to make - though some require special equipment (such as a thermometer) for your best chance of success. Make sure you check the recipe first.

And so you don't end up hangry on your pizza date night, make sure you build in the time to make the dough and for it to proof.

Extra for experts

Ready to take your pizza making skills to the next level?

Try these pizza recipes.

That’s amore pizza night

2 heart shaped pizzas with folded checked napkins in the background.

Now you can of course make your pizza and call it a day (or night) or you can add a few tweaks to make your at home date night even more special… by turning it into a That’s amore! pizza night!

Here’s how to channel all the romance into your date:

  1. If you’re not using pre-made pizza crusts, then make your pizza dough into the shape of a heart
  2. If pepperoni is featuring on your pizza, cut your pepperoni into heart shapes using either cookie cutters or kitchen scissors
  3. Create a romantic atmosphere by setting the table with a traditional red and white check tablecloth, lighting the candles and turning out the lights.
  4. Add some Italian music… and that’s amore!

Pizza date night is a fun addition to your list of at home date ideas – and it can be as simple or sophisticated as you want to make it.

This date night ideas will take a pizza your heart, that’s for sure.

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