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Backyard movie night: the perfect summer date

Take your date night movie to the next level by creating your own outdoor cinema. Here’s how to create your own backyard movie night – the perfect summer date night idea for couples!

A backyard movie set up with the text overlay, "Backyard movie night for the perfect summer date."

Having a regular date night is one way of bringing fun, romance and connection to your marriage.

Date nights don’t have to involve leaving the house though.

For many reasons, such as expenses, childcare, or simply wanting to stay at home, date night at home is the easiest and most flexible choice.

And one of the most fun way to spend date night at home is to watch a date night movie.

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With the warm weather of summer, you have the chance to do something pretty special, and that’s to take your movie watching outdoors.

Yes, I’m talking about creating your own outdoor movie theater for a backyard movie date.

Imagine it now – snuggled up next to each other, maybe cuddled under a blanket as the temperature drops, listening to the sounds of the movie mixed in with the sounds of summer – sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

Heck, you can even make a family night or party of it if you want.

Anyway, enough on the intro – here’s how to make your own backyard movie night – from what you use to play your movies on to the decor to add that extra atmosphere.

Your outdoor movie date is coming soon!

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Outdoor movie projectors

When you’re looking for an outdoor movie projector for your backyard movie night, there are a few requirements you should check.

These include:

  • a brightness of 3000 or higher so you can start watching earlier
  • a resolution of HD (720p or 1080p – the cheaper ones will say “supported” so be aware the quality of these may not be as good)
  • HDMI and /or wireless connectivity

If you don’t want to spend the time looking, check the top 3 I recommend below that meet these requirements and cover a range of price points.

Note – portability is also a bonus.

The short version? These projectors: date night approved!

Top 3 recommended projectors for outdoor movies

Artlii 1080P support home theater projector

This projector is an affordable option for those of you wanting a quality projector at a good price.

12/02/2021 12:44 am GMT
BenQ TH671ST 1080p short throw gaming projector

This projector is NOT on the cheap side.

However it's a short throw projector with exceptional picture quality.

(It won the Best projector for gaming - High ground gaming in 2019 for this and its low lag time) and would work well for your outdoor movie date.

12/02/2021 12:52 am GMT
Portable mini projector

This is a super cute, easily transportable projector.

No need for cords with this one: you run it on batteries. which makes it even more suitable for a backyard movie.

In addition, it can be used with wi-fi and Bluetooth for easy streaming.

Backyard movie screen

Okay, so now you have the projector sorted for your outdoor movie date, it’s time to work out what you’re going to project it on.

You have three main options for an outdoor movie screen:

  1. DIY your screen
  2. Purchase an inflatable screen
  3. Purchase a fixed frame screen

If you have both DIY skills and inclination, there’s a slew of You Tube videos you can watch to help you construct your own screen.

If, like me, you’d prefer to buy something fit for purpose, here’s my top five picks. These movie screens all have a 16:9 aspect ratio to match your movie projector.

Top 5 backyard movie screen choices

It’s having a big screen which takes your backyard movie date from the ordinary into the magical.

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch outdoor indoor projector screen with stand

Consructed specifically for outdoor movie nights, this fixed frame screen even comes with handy stakes to secure it against possible wind or other hazards.

The one downside is the creases in the screen, which can take a while to go (if they go at all). 

12/02/2021 12:53 am GMT
EasyGo Products 14' inflatable mega movie screen

This inflatable movie screen is perfect for your outdoor movie night.

The 14 feet size is plenty big enough for a couple... of families should you so wish!

With less than two minutes to inflate, it's my top choice of outdoor movie screens, giving you that "wow" factor.

12/02/2021 12:54 am GMT
Mdbebbron 120 inch projection screen

This affordable screen is wrinkle free and easy to set up: it can be fastened easily with hooks, ropes or double side tape. However it is important to note it does not come with an independent frame so you will need to have something to attach it to (such as an outside wall or gazebo) or make or buy a frame.

12/02/2021 12:46 am GMT
VIVOHOME 14 feet inflatable mega movie projector screen

Here's another inflatable screen. While this is cheaper that the EasyGo, the fan does make some noise, so remember you do often get what you pay for.

12/02/2021 12:55 am GMT
Elite Screens Yard Master Manual, 100-inch indoor outdoor projector screen

If you're after a more permanent screen solution, then this is the one for you. Rain proof and mildew proof, the screen retracts into a certified waterproof casing, meaning you only need to take it down in the harshest of weather.

Due to the nature of the screen, it doesn't work well with ultra short throw or short throw projectors, so give this a miss if you have one of these projectors.

12/02/2021 12:43 am GMT

Speakers for outdoor movie night

While some of the projectors come with inbuilt speakers, there’s nothing worse than your backyard movie not being loud enough.

I recommend a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with either your laptop or your projector.

Here’s the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor movies, primarily selected for their sound but also taking into consideration price and other features.

Top 5 best outdoor Bluetooth speakers

These are the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor movies.

Tronsmart Mega 40W Bluetooth portable speakers

This is a super affordable speaker, and as you can pair these for stereo sound, my recommendation would be to purchase two to enhance your listening experience.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable bluetooth speaker might not be the most attractive, but it will most definitely deliver on the sound.

12/02/2021 12:43 am GMT
JBL Boombox - Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

Not only will this give you great sound for your backyard movie, it's also waterproof and has great battery life.

12/02/2021 12:43 am GMT
PRORECK PARTY portable 12-Inch woofer speaker system combo set

If you're after something a little different, you'll love these speakers (which come with a few bonus extras should you ever want to hold a karaoke night or have a party).

11/28/2021 04:13 am GMT
Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black, - New

You'll fall totally in love with the aesthetic of this speaker - its retro vibe merges with the simplicity of a backyard movie date night.

That is has amazing sound doesn't hurt either.

12/02/2021 12:45 am GMT

(Here’s how to pair your laptop to a bluetooth speaker).

Backyard movie night decor

Now all the practicalities are taken care of, it’s time to create the perfect backyard movie date atmosphere!

Movie night decor

Your outdoor movie date deserves to have a cute, romantic ambiance.

These accessories help to create that: from vintage inspired lights to a blanket to cuddle up under!

48 ft ADDLON outdoor string lights

Add to the romantic atmosphere by stringing these vintage inspired Edison bulbs around the seating area of your backyard movie setup.

11/30/2021 01:08 am GMT
Floral bunting

Fabric bunting adds a whimsical and romantic touch to your backyard movie night.

12/02/2021 12:54 am GMT
Biddy Murphy Irish throw blanket

Snuggle up together under this lightweight wool blanket while you watch your outdoor movie - it's designed to keep you warm as the stars come out.

12/02/2021 12:54 am GMT
Soft velvet outdoor cushion covers
$13.49 ($6.74 / Count)

Get yourself super comfy with an outdoor throw pillow or two, so you can lean back and relax!

These two cream throw pillow covers are 18 x 18 in.

12/02/2021 12:55 am GMT
12 pack citronella scented soy wax candles
$9.99 ($0.83 / Count)

Don't let your outside movie date night be ruined with the addition of unwelcome visitors of the bloodsucking kind...

These candles come in a pack of 12 with approximately 15 hours of burn time per candle..

12/02/2021 12:45 am GMT
HollyHOME metal end table.

You need something to put those movie snacks on don't you?

Try out a small tray table like this one - it's rust proof and rain proof.

Movie night food ideas

Finally, no outdoor movie date would be complete without food and drink.

It goes without saying that popcorn is the number one movie food of all time. I’m a fan of the salted, buttered kind. 

Add this Amish country popcorn gift set to complete your vintage vibe.

Of course, with all that popcorn, you’ll need something to wash it down. Any of these summer mocktail recipes will be perfect!

Alternatively, why not try one of these easy romantic desserts for two?

Your date night movie will never be the same once you bring in your backyard movie theater! This backyard movie night really is the best summer date you can have at home this year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.