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25 cheap date ideas for couples

Not wanting to blow the budget with date night? Check out these 25 cheap date ideas for couples.

A couple eating ice cream as they walk down the street. The text overlay says, 25 cheap date ideas.

Have you been hanging out for a date night with your spouse – but don’t have the big budget to spend on it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Date nights don’t need to cost the earth.

That’s because date night is all about connecting with your spouse – about making your world smaller for that sweet pocket of time so your focus is on each other – not on that report you have to write for work, the plumber to call to fix that dripping tap, or the ballet recital you need to get all Dance Moms over.

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So while dressing up and taking a limo to that restaurant you booked five months ago might seem like the stuff of date night dreams, in reality it doesn’t get you any more connected than grabbing a burger from a food truck and eating it on a park bench while you share your hopes for the future.

Date nights that don’t cost the earth should be part of every couple’s date night plans.

I recommend that you brainstorm a list of date ideas on a budget, put it somewhere you can see it, and every 2-4 date nights pick one low cost or free one from your list.

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Here’s 25 cheap date ideas to get you started.

Couple kissing while holding ice cream during a cheap date

Have a weekly ice cream date over the summer months. Find a local ice cream store and make it a mission to taste a different flavor every time you go.

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Do a coin walk. Start off in a predetermined spot – on the middle of town works best. Have heads equal left and tails equal right. Walk until you reach a crossroads and then flip a coin. This works best if you have some guidelines on your walk – for example, you’ll keep going for X number of turns and then you’ll find the nearest coffee shop and grab a drink.

Do a coin drive. This is the big brother to the coin walk and uses the same principle, only this time you’re in a car! Because of the speed and distances, with this version of the game, you might want to drive for 3 blocks before you flip a coin. Again, having a predetermined number of tosses worked out is a good idea. Once you reach that amount, look for the nearest food truck, diner, or other low cost eating option.

Couple selecting a tree to plant together

Grow your love. Head to the local nursery and pick a plant together that can take pride of place in your yard, then go home and plant it.

After dinner, go for a drive and get dessert at a place that has live music. We love heading to Eat Street in the town a short drive from our home, where the whole street is food venues that take up the pavement and live musicians play in the evening. You can experience a great atmosphere for minimal money.

Grab takeout and then take it to the park for a cheap meal in a beautiful location.

Couple having brunch date at a cafe

Go out for breakfast or brunch. A breakfast or brunch date is a low cost, low pressure option compared to going out for dinner. Plus bacon. What else needs to be said?

Do a $5 challenge. Head to a local Walmart and see what you can get for each other for your princely sum. You could also try this in thrift stores. You’ll have a blast seeing what the other comes up with and why.

Plan a picnic. Make up a basket of your favorite picnic foods and head to a scenic spot.

Couple picking apples together

Go pick berries, apples or pumpkins, depending on the season. This is a fun activity that keeps on giving – when you get home with the produce you picked, you can whip up a tasty treat with it.

Play miniature golf. This fun cheap date idea brings in the competitive element into your date.

Watch an amateur sports game. Whether it’s a high school game or local team, you can usually find a game to watch at free or low cost. Up the ante by betting on the outcome with each other.

Couple sitting on chairs on the beach in front of a bonfire.

Make a bonfire on the beach and amp if up with some of these magical flames. Simply through an unopened pouch into the fire and enjoy the long -lasting colored flames.

Buy the ingredients for s’mores and build on your cheap date above – but do the s’mores before the magical flames!

Take part in a trivia night. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your in-depth knowledge of New Zealand test cricketers between 1974-1999. He’ll fall in love with you even more.

Couple on a tandem bike

Look sweet on a bicycle made for two – hire a tandem bike for a few hours and have fun on the bike trails.

Search deal websites to find low cost ideas for attractions that are usually at a much higher price

Hit the Happy Hour. Check out local spots for their happy hour deals and then check them out.

Couple standing in front of a pool table.

Head to a pool hall and have a couple of sessions. Challenge each other or make a team and play against another couple.

Go into a specialty food store and buy one item each that you’ve never tried before.

Walk and talk. Take a bus to a nearby town and check out their local guided walking tours.

Visit local markets and see if you can pick up any treasures.

Couple having their own book club at home.

Make a book club for two: Buy two copies of a book you’ve both wanted to read (you can also try getting one or both copies from the library) and create your own mini book club. You can read for a set period of time and then discuss what you’ve read so far. Alternatively, you can start reading the book beforehand and spend your date answering questions about it – just like a ‘real” book club.

Learn something new. Find a class you can take as a one off such as yoga or a DIY lesson at a local hardware store. Then go out and have a go. You might stumble across a new passion.

Taste test your favorite low cost treat. Whether it’s brioche or brownies, purchase 3 different types and then taste them all before voting on the best.

Cheap date ideas are fun and inventive! These 25 cheap date ideas for couples give you the chance to connect without breaking the budget.

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Want greater connection in your relationship?

Then you'll want this freebie.

It's called The KISS Connection and it's a FREE 4-step everyday practice that will bring back that loving feeling.

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