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25 morning date ideas

Wanting to shake up your date night routine? Check out these morning date ideas for inspiration.

A couple enjoying a coffee together with the text overlay Morning date ideas for couples

I don’t know about you, but I’m a morning person – and that preference shines through in so many aspects of my life. I love to start work super early, exercise early and date early too!

But even if you’re not a morning person, keep reading!

Because there’s so much to love about the morning date.

  • You’re not too tired at the end of a long day, where it can seem like another chore
  • Many morning date ideas are good for you – both physically and mentally
  • There’s less pressure – the whole mood is more relaxed

And you set yourself up for a wonderful day!

And if you’re not sold on the whole ideas of dates themselves, research shows that regular dates are important to keeping your relationship fresh (source).

The reason WHY dates make your relationship better has to do with novelty. New things make us happy, and doing those new things with your loved ones, makes all those happy feelings rub over onto your feelings for them. That’s the simple version!

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Mixing it up by adding some morning date ideas into your repertoire is an easy way to keep that novelty going.

These are my favorite tried and true morning date ideas:

  1. Go to a Farmers’ market, buy ingredients for brunch, and then go home and make it
  2. Love some afternoon delight – what about morning delight? Yes, a quick brush of your teeth is all that’s needed here (if that!). Make it more special by trying a new position
  3. Go for a run together. You could even work up to a running event – most of which happen in the morning
  4. Not a running fan? How about an early morning yoga class?
  5. Hit the matinee – check out the morning movies!
  6. Go for an early morning hike and pack a picnic lunch
  7. Or simply go for a picnic (try these romantic picnic foods)
  8. Head to the beach before the crowds come and enjoy a walk along the water’s edge
  9. Do a crossword puzzle together
  10. Lie in bed together and ask some questions for couples
  11. Grab a coffee to go, then head to a look out point and watch the sunrise
  12. Up level the above date idea by having a hot air balloon ride at sunrise
  13. Find a local arts and craft market and buy something for each other
  14. Make a cooked breakfast at home and eat it outside
  15. Have a regular weekly date at a coffee shop on the way to work. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to connect with each other
  16. Visit your local community gardens
  17. Have a golf lesson then play a round. It could be the start of a great couple’s hobby
  18. Watch a high school sports game
  19. Check out local yard sale
  20. Take your dog for a walk in a new spot
  21. Grab a hard copy of a paper and share the sections over breakfast at your favorite cafe
  22. Have a pancake breakfast or waffles (try this waffle board)
  23. Think back to your childhood and Saturday morning cartoons. Hit the nostalgia button by sharing an episode of your favorite kids’ show (Fraggle Rock anyone?)
  24. Have an at-home smoothie date, where you take turns whipping up different delicious smoothies
  25. Go on an early morning river cruise

Morning dates can be fun, active, creative, and romantic.

They’re often easy to do and relatively inexpensive (unless you pick the hot air balloon idea that is!).

Shake things up from your normal date night routine and add these morning date ideas to your calendar today!

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