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50 quick date ideas

Longing for connection but short on time? These quick date ideas will take 30 minutes or less – perfect for the couple with a busy schedule.

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As much fun as it is to spend a leisurely afternoon or evening with your significant other, the reality is we don’t always have time for that.

When it comes to the juggle between work, family, and your personal goals, you can’t do it all – and so when something’s got to give, a quick date is far, far better than nothing.

Because the reality is that intentional time together maintains your connection and keeps the novelty and fun alive – whether you commit to a 30 minute date or 3 day weekend.

These quick date ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for those precious pockets of time.

Looking for last minute date ideas? Try these.

Quick date ideas

Couple walking in the woods for a quick date idea.
  1. Go for a 30 minute walk and ask each some of these questions for couples as you walk. (If you’ve got an iPhone download our free questions for couples app)
  2. Have an ice cream date – grab an ice cream, sit outside the store and enjoy the sun and conversation
  3. Write each other a love letter and then give it to each other to read
  4. Create a custom playlist that makes up the soundtrack of your relationship
  5. Make a bucket list for your relationship
  6. Play a quick board game – you might like these date night games for couples
  7. Go to a restaurant and order dessert – or stay at home and make one of these easy, romantic desserts
  8. Do an online yoga class together
  9. Head to your local food truck
  10. Have a coffee date at your favorite coffee shop
  11. Watch an old favorite sitcom – and marvel at how lame it seems
  12. Try a water balloon fight. Score points for the number of hits
  13. Colder weather? Make s’mores
  14. Listen to a favorite album together
  15. Head to your local bookstore and purchase a book for each other. You can make a date to discuss the book once you’ve finished it!
  16. Have a feel good date by watching public singalongs on You Tube
  17. Give it a go yourself with some karaoke numbers on You Tube
  18. Start a vegetable garden
  19. Participate in a short event like a 5km
  20. Serve a cheese platter on the verandah and talk about life
  21. Listen to a podcast together and discuss it afterwards
  22. Go for a bike ride
  23. Visit open homes and get inspirations for your own place
  24. Watch the sunset and share what you’re grateful for about the day
  25. Try some of the quick options from these sexy date ideas – Fantasy Island or Al fresco could be perfect!
  26. Make a model
  27. Go for a Fall foliage drive
  28. Bake a batch of cookies
  29. Take turns describing the best times you’ve had between the sheets with each other and then go and recreate one of them
  30. Check out samples at the Farmer’s Market
  31. Work on your couple goals
  32. Take turns giving each other a head massage or wash each other’s hair
  33. Watch an episode of your favorite show from when you were a kid
  34. Complete an easy jigsaw puzzle (or try a harder one and work on it in separate sessions)
  35. Have a bath together
  36. Take the dogs for a walk
  37. Go shopping at your favorite store and buy something for each other
  38. Play a game of pool
  39. Do an unboxing of a couple’s subscription box – and if you don’t have time to complete it, you can schedule another date for that!
  40. Have your palms read
  41. Make a mocktail – perfect for summer! You could tweak some of the recipes to create your own signature drink
  42. Have takeout by candlelight
  43. Try out a dance lesson on You Tube
  44. Visit your local gardens
  45. Have a Frisbee challenge
  46. Have fun at your local playground
  47. Make ice cream together or make ice cream sundaes
  48. Pick seasonal fruit or vegetables, like apples, strrawberries or pumpkins
  49. Do an escape room. This one will be closer to an hour if you’re hopeless like us!
  50. Go stargazing

Being short on time is no reason to cut out date night from the agenda. Simply try one of these quick date ideas – most of which you can do in 30 minutes or less.

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