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50 adventurous date ideas for heart-pounding fun

Want your date night served with a side of adrenaline? How about trying one of these adventurous date ideas?

Couple parasailing with a brightly colored balloon on a deep blue sky. The text reads Adventurous date ideas.

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One of the key reasons date night works is because it’s something new. That’s right – as much as we don’t want to change up our partner, we do need to change up what we do with them.

Humans crave novelty because that novelty creates a whole lot of hormones that make us feel good.

And these ideas are certain to provide you with excitement, fun, and importantly-connection.

Woman scaling an indoor climbing wall during an adventurous date
  • Find a local climbing wall and race each other to the top. (But know, if you’ve never done this before, it’s not that easy. Be prepared!). If you really enjoy it see if you can find a speed climbing wall. These walls have standardized height, width, texture and climbing route. You can find out more about speed climbing here.
  • Check out an escape room. This is also a super fun double date. See if you can escape before your time is up!
  • Do a virtual workout. Get your heart beating fast and rasise a sweat. The couple that exercises together stays together!
  • Love speed? Why not try an extreme date idea like your own NASCAR racing experience? You can race cars yourself or go as a passenger.
  • If that doesn’t appeal, there’s a number of race tracks where you are able to race your own car!
  • Racing a car a little TOO much adventure? How about go kart racing instead?
  • Check out a canopy tour. These usually involve multiple ziplines and sky bridges. Many have a night time option.What’s not to love?
  • How about some paintballing fun? Grab a group of friends and make a group date that will get the adrenaline pumping.
  • Full confession – I’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride – but it seems like one of those adventurous date ideas that should be on everyone’s list.
  • If darts is your ideas of fun, (how many of you just heard one hundred and eighty! in a drawn out voice?), why not take it to the next level with a spot of ax throwing?

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couple standing in the airport, holdig their suitcases looking out the window
  • Have you ever wanted to rock up to an airport and get a ticket for the next available flight? Try this adventurous date idea the next time you want a truly surprise experience.
  • If you’re after a date that bundles up adventure and fun in one package, then you’ll be wanting to take a trip to your nearest amusement park. Nothing says I love you like a claw-like grip as you head down the spiral of a roller coaster.
  • If the thought of being at great heights and barely hanging on doesn’t make you break out in hives, then how about you try a trapeze class?
  • So we already know you have no fear – how about you check out a tandem bungee jump (although I have to confess – I did one once and NEVER AGAIN). I think I lost my voice from screaming.
  • Try to get through a corn maze.
  • Love the water? Hire a jet ski. It’s like the fun of a motorcycle but in the water.
  • Tubing is another super fun adventurous date idea. Grab your life jackets and hold on tight.
  • Sticking on the water theme, how about you try parasailing? Soar over the water and see your surroundings from a truly unique perspective.
  • Love history? How about watching (or participating in) a battle reenactment? Take the time to learn about the specific battle and then go for the full immersion experience.
  • One adventurous Fall date is to check out a haunted house or similar atttraction. You can check out haunted attraction in Texas, California and Illinois.

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Helicopter pilot shaking hand of couple having a ride as one of their adventurous date ideas.
  • Hop in a helicopter for a date with a difference. Depending on where you live, you can take one to unique scenic attractions like glaciers.
  • Go white water rafting.
  • Go skinny dipping. Preferably where’s there’s a deep pool and a waterfall (and no other people).
  • Try extreme tree climbing with the added safety of a harness.
  • Take a sum of money you both feel comfortable with, head to the races and place some bets.
  • Not into horseracing? Try a casino instead.
  • Winter? Head for the slopes for some skiing.
  • If you’ve never skiied, try tobogganing. Super fun and no skill required.
  • Tobogganing for softies? Try ice blocking – where you slide down the hill on a large block of ice.
  • Not crawling with inhibitions? Then why not try an adventurous group date with some good old fashioned jello wrestling?

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Couple high fiving each other after finishing hike.
  • Go hiking based on the upper limits of your skill level. You’ll both enjoy the challenge.
  • Bring out your 80s inner child and go roller skating. If you’re even semi-skilled, it will be adventurous. If not, it will be embarassingly endearing.
  • Go swimming with sharks.
  • If that’s going too far, maybe swimming with dophins would be more your style?
  • Go skinny dipping. You never know where this one might lead!
  • Do a ghost tour. Best experienced at night of course!
  • Have a nerf gun war
  • Go horseback riding. Only if (unlike me) you like horses.
  • Hunt for buried treasure. Okay, a real life treasure hunt may not be that practical (depending on your location), but you can create your own treasure hunt for each other, complete with clues!
  • Take a jet boat ride. There’s speed, twists and turns, and lots of thrills.
Woman about to learn karate
  • Do an intro karate class or some other martial art. You know ever since you started watching Cobra Kai that you’ve been dying to try it!
  • Release your inner child at an indoor trampolining arena.
  • Mini golf is a super common date idea – but take it to the next level by creating your own course.
  • Head to a rodeo – maybe you’ll do some bareback riding later on!
  • Try archery. It requires a surprising amount of arm strength but is easy for beginners to pick up.
  • While probably one of the tamer of these adventurous date ideas, a scenic train ride can introduce you to new sights and sounds at a leisurely pace.
  • Hire an RV for a weekend and get a taste of life off the grid.
  • Go snorkeling. If you’ve never been before, you’re about to be introduced to a whole new world.
  • How about taking your snorkeling to the next level witha scuba diving lesson?
  • Try a high ropes course – it’s not only a fun date, but a great way to challenge yourself.

If your dating life with your significant other is in a rut, then these 50 adventurous date ideas are what you need to get the excitement levels up again.

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