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The 10 best haunted attractions in California

Whoever said California dreaming? More like California screaming after visiting these haunted attractions in California as part of  your next Halloween date.

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As the season gives way to ghouls and goblins, evil clowns, zombies and the like will soon be roaming the streets looking for goodies like candy… or brains.

If you’re after a fright fix for a fun Halloween date night, you’re in luck, because California is home to some of the best – and scariest – haunted attractions in the land.

Here’s a look at 10 of the top haunted attractions in California.

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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Los Angeles

During the day, Griffiths Park is home to an observatory and series of tourist-friendly attractions, but after the sun sets, evil lurks in the dark.

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and Midnight Falls attractions kick off the Halloween season with a frighteningly good time.

Taking only a hayride is an option. With this, visitors can enjoy a ride around the foothills of Midnight Falls. Safe enough, right?

Guess again. Evil has found its way out.

For those on the hayride, it may be their last unless they can find a safe haven from the forces of darkness spewing their way into the Los Angeles area.

In addition to the Haunted Hayride, the theme park is home to Midnight Falls and its attractions, intent on scaring the season out of you.

Midnight Falls celebrates the Halloween Festival of 1985. And it’s always 1985.

Visit Town Square, where seemingly innocent celebrations like carving a jack-o-lantern is anything but.

Trick or Treat around Midnight Falls’ homes, where the residents tend to play more tricks than provide treats.

You’ll be drawn to visit the Midnight Mortuary. Will you become a permanent resident of Midnight Falls afterwards?

Hungry? You might be best to avoid the Dead End Diner: an old 70’s rest stop at the edge of town untouched by time that has been used as a literal tourist trap. Don’t ask what kind of meat is in that burger.


Opening night is on September 24, going through to October 31st. The closer it gets to Halloween, the more nights a week it is open.


Hayride only: $29.99

General admission: $39.00

VIP admission: $54.99

Scream Park – Sacramento

Beginning around mid-October Sacramento becomes more than the state capital. It becomes Ground Zero for evil as creatures, spirits and demons find their way to Scream Park.

With three haunted house attractions open weekends through to early November, Scream Park is guaranteed to challenge your sanity.

Voodoo Bayou is one of the three attractions at Scream Park.

This New Orleans-inspired attraction is filled with dark secrets.

A man by the name of Doctor E. Crystal was a pioneer of the ancient Voodoo practice, and was a maniac, murderer, and cult leader of the marshy bayou.

Tired of his tyrannical grip on them, the townspeople stormed his cabin and fed him to the alligators.

But that didn’t stop the Doctor. His ghost set a horrific curse upon the inhabitants who killed him – and their kin to come.

Come down to the bayou and see if you can catch the Doctor doing what he does best!

While you’re at it, check out the Midnight Asylum and the House of Undead.


In 2020, Scream House opened on September 25 for a 6 week season through to November 7, and was open every night of Halloween week.

Currently the season has yet to confirmed for 2021, though Scream House is expected to open mid October.


2020 prices were as follows:

General admission: $31.99

Fast pass admission (approximately 1/3 of the wait time of general admission): $41.99

Immediate admission (skip to the front of the line; usually less than a 5 minute wait): $51.99

The Haunted Trail in Balboa Park – San Diego

Victims, or rather, guests travel the mile-long Haunted Trail in Balboa Park among the palm trees and more as they seek to make their way to safety.

Lurking somewhere in the darkness may be ghouls, demons or evil spirits. You never know from which spot along the trail they’ll make a grab for your soul.

Keep your eyes open and your nerves calm as you try to find the light at the end of the trail.

Before you are sent through the mile long Trail, you will have to make your way through a 3,500 square foot maze – a maze so horrifying it is known as “The eXperiment”! Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, and the Ring Girl are just a few of your favorite horror characters waiting for you!


Opening night is on September 24, going through to October 31st. The closer it gets to Halloween, the more nights a week it is open.


Ticket prices are as follows:

General admission: Starting at $24.99

Timed tickets: Starting at $29.99

VIP admission (allows for Fast pass entrance): Starting at $34.99

Sunday to Thursday are cheaper than Friday and Saturday nights.

Raisin Hell Ranch Haunted Corn Maze – Madera

If you like jumping in fright, then a trip to Raisin Hell Ranch is for you.

Located about 30 minutes north of Fresno in Madera, Raisin Hell is known for its haunted corn mazes aimed at people over 12 years old.

Raisin Hell makes sure visitors encounter a high scare factor with Deadwood and Sinsister.

The wild, wild West was a scary place back in the day, but it doesn’t compare to a walk through Deadwood. As you enter the Raisin Hell Hotel, the cornfield comes alive with demented charaters and creepy corpses.

Or, maybe you prefer a little crazy with your corn maze. At Raisin Hell Ranch, they have collected the most unusual and unique….just don’t get too close.

Either choice is guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck to stand up…and maybe motivate you to make a run for it.

Good luck!


Raisin Hell Ranch is open on weekends from October 8-31 (with expanded dates beginning mid-October).


Currently ticket prices are shown for 2020 only:

Entry to one attraction: $17

Entry to two attractions: $35

Front of the line pass: an additional $15 per person

Blind Scream – Santa Rosa

Blind Scream in Santa Rosa features the haunted attraction, “Witch House.”

Deep in the dank, dark woods stands a dilapidated old dwelling that the townsfolk steer clear of. It’s inhabited by three terrible sisters, each one as evil as hell itself. They have poisoned the surrounding lands and cursed anyone who dares enter this vile place they claim as home.

Will you become their next victim?


Blind Scream opens for the season on October 8 and runs through Halloween, every Friday to Sunday. Thursday 28 is also open.


General admission: $25

General admission plus Fast pass: $35

Fear Overlord Scream Park – San Leandra

Located in San Leandra, about 20 minutes southeast of Oakland and 30 from San Francisco, Fear Overlord Scream Park invites you to survive – I mean visit – one of their two haunted attractions: Descend the Basement and The Demon.

Descend the Basement will have you too scared to ever enter your basement again.

In The Demon, a demonic creature escapes a parallel dimension and now haunts this realm.

Scream and it’s over.


Fear Overlord Scream Park opens for the weekend September 25 before expanding to more dates in mid-October.

It’s open nightly from October 19 to November 1 and then for a final weekend on November 5 to 6.


General admission: range from $19.99 to $28.99 depending on the date.

Fast pass admission (approximately 1/3 of the wait time of general admission): an additional $10.

Immediate admission (skip to the front of the line; usually less than a 5 minute wait): an additional $20.

Dead Time Dreams – San Jose

With a sense of realism that rivals that of horror movies, a visit to Dead Time Dreams in San Jose may be better than going to the nearby cineplex.

The haunted house attractions are dark and scary with lots of in your face action – so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Midway of Terror entertains before and after the main attraction: The Meat Factory. This fright walk features multiple layers of fear in an open air walk way with plenty of room to run from monsters. But they’ll be watching your steps, and you won’t get away…


Open weekends October 14 until October 31, a visit to Dead Time Dreams is likely to be fun and nightmare-inducing.


General admission: $20.

VIP admission: $30.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights – Los Angeles

You might expect a theme park based on a movie studio would be one of the scariest places to visit during Halloween season. And, you’d be right.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights will challenge your sanity and security as you travel through any of the 10 mazes that await you.

The park transitions from a fun, family-friendly environment during daylight to home of evil and scary attractions as the sun sets.

Encounter people dressed as your favorite creature or zombie as you roam the park’s grounds.

Dress up for the occassion in one of these Halloween costumes for couples.


Open selected nights from September 9 until October 31.


Tickets range in price depending on the date, but start at $69. If one night isn’t enough, you can buy a frequent fear pass for access on 26 nights – for only $199, or the ultimate fear pass for $329.

Reign of Terror Haunted House – Thousand Oaks

Adding a sense of realism to its props and actors, visitors to Reign of Terror Haunted House will definitely find success in their venture for scares.

Any of the 120 rooms that make up the Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks has the capacity to make you wet your pants.

The rooms are part of nine attractions covering more than 27,000 square feet.


The Reign of Terror Haunted House opens for the season on September 24 through to November 6, every Friday and Saturday night.

In addition, the park is also open October 24, 28 and 31.


Regular scheduled admission: $25

Immediate access (providing you the next possible entrance during your scheduled time): $45

Pirates of Emerson – Pleasanton

Pirates of Penzance, these folks aren’t. The Pirates of Emerson seek to make you feel like walking the plank may be the better option than living the life of a pirate.

The Pleasanton attraction, about an hour from San Francisco, continually ranks as one of the scariest in the United States.


The park opens September 30 and runs through to October31, with expanded dates starting in mid-October.


General admission: $36.50

Speed pass admission: $56.50

VIP admission: $76.50

Summing up

From haunted hayrides to evil witches and more, California is home to several outstanding haunted attractions.

With some of them considered among the best in the country, pick one for your Halloween date for a frighteningly good time.

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