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85 active date ideas to get you moving

Done too many date nights on the couch? These active date ideas will get you moving.

A happy couple driving a quad bike on a country road after reading these active date ideas for couples

There are several reasons why a couple should look to having active dates as a integral part of their lives.

Firstly, getting moving is a great way to get the endorphins flowing. If you get moving with your partner then those good feelings are going to rub off all over each other. It’s like a two for one deal.

Secondly, incorporating physical activity into your life is super important for your overall wellbeing that extend long past the date itself.

Thirdly, active dates build healthy couple habits – much better than sitting on the couch eating pizza and watching Netflix – though that also has its place!

Whether you’re a fitness buff or a leisurely stroll is more your style, there’s active date ideas here for you.

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Active date ideas for fit couples

A happy couple giving each other a high five during a marathon event after reading these active date ideas for fit couples

If you’re wanting to take your fitness journey to the next level – and to take your partner along for the ride, then you might want to check out these active date ideas perfect for fit couples.

  1. Check out a beginners CrossFit class
  2. Complete a high ropes course. If you’re not afraid of heights, this active date idea will get the adrenaline flowing
  3. Complete a Tough mudder. This obstacle-filled course also makes the perfect group date idea for active couples
  4. Go hiking in a national park. This is for couples who like their activity with a side helping of nature
  5. Go mountain biking. Try not to break anything, though. A date spent in the ER isn’t much fun
  6. Go mountain climbing. But be aware – this is not one for beginners in either mountain climbing or dating! This requires skill and experience in both categories
  7. Try HIIT (High intensity interval training), if CrossFit doesn’t quite… fit
  8. Try rock climbing. It’s an active date idea way less intense than mountain climbing but still with sufficient challenge
  9. Train and then compete in a running event. If you prefer less messy pursuits than Tough mudder, this is for you. You can go anywhere from a 5k to an ultra-marathon
  10. Train and then compete in a triathlon. This is perfect for the overachieving couple.

Active date ideas – no sweat required

A lovely couple walking on the street holding each other's hands, the man holding some flowers, and the woman holding their dog, after reading these active date ideas with no sweat required

Want to get active but not super keen on breaking a sweat or risking life or limb? These active date ideas are more low key.

  1. Do a charity walk. You get to exercise AND raise money for a favorite cause
  2. Do a trash walk. This eco date idea is perfect for active couples. You can wander down paths picking up trash… and each other
  3. Explore your local Farmer’s market and enjoy the local wares
  4. Play lawn bowls in an oddly compelling activity
  5. Play a round of golf. Even if you can’t hit the ball, you’ll have plenty of time to walk and talk
  6. Play Frisbee – preferably at the beach or a park
  7. Play mini golf. This is a great activity for the competitive couple where you can still pretend it isn’t as high stakes as it really is
  8. Practice archery. Be warned though – those arrows are heavy!
  9. Stretch with yin yoga. This is a good one for aging, inflexible (physically!) couples. I speak from experience
  10. Take a Fall foliage walk. This is a fabulous Fall date idea
  11. Visit the zoo and enjoy the animals
  12. Volunteer to clean out an animal shelter
  13. Volunteer to help out at the community gardens
  14. Walk on the beach. This one is made for romance, especially if you walk at sunset (here’s some other romantic date ideas)
  15. Walk the dog/s. This is our favorite Sunday morning date – after going out for brunch of course- where we walk down to one of the local cafes and grab a coffee then sip it as we slowly walk back
  16. Wander through your local botanical gardens.

Active date ideas on the water

A happy couple riding a jetski together on a lake after reading these active date ideas on the water

If you or your loved one is a water baby, these active date ideas in the water will get you in your happy place.

  1. Catch a wave – go surfing together
  2. Enjoy tubing on your local river
  3. Go diving. You could even get your PADI certifications together
  4. Go jet skiing
  5. Go swimming – anywhere from your local pool through to the sea
  6. Go water skiing
  7. Have a sailing lesson
  8. Hire a double kayak for double the fun
  9. Try fishing for a contemplative date activity with a burst of physical effort only required when you actually catch the fish
  10. Try snorkeling
  11. Try stand up paddle boarding
  12. Visit a water park for some throwback fun.

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Active date ideas you can do at home

A young couple happily gardening together after reading these active date ideas you can do at home

If staying at home is your preference or a necessity, no fear! There are still plenty of active date ideas for you.

  1. Carry out some home maintenance – things like cleaning and staining desks make for a perfect active date that has the bonus of sprucing up your home
  2. Do an online yoga or Pilates class
  3. Do a pushup or squat challenge – you can aim to improve your personal best if you have a husband like mine who does 50 push ups every night, where I can’t even do one
  4. Get outside and do some gardening
  5. Have a balloon tap challenge
  6. Jump rope
  7. Look up bodyweight exercises on You tube and give them a crack
  8. Play bocce ball
  9. Make like you’re 10 again and play hopscotch
  10. Play Kubb or cornhole
  11. Play Twister. And don’t be seduced by the thought of naked twister
  12. Refinish furniture
  13. Shoot some hoops
  14. Spring clean and declutter a room (moving furniture around will definitely get you active!)
  15. Spot each other weight training.

Indoor active date ideas

A couple boxing together inside a gym after reading these indoor active date ideas for couples

If you don’t want the weather to mess up your plans, you may prefer an active date you can do indoors.

  1. Check out a yoga class. Yoga is strength and flexibility and the kind of lifelong exercise habit a couple could benefit hugely from cultivating
  2. Go 10 pin bowling for some friendly competitive action. Make it more fun by inviting another couple along for a double date
  3. Have a boxing lesson
  4. Have a dancing lesson. If you’re a lover not a fighter this may be more your scene. Try any style from ballroom to hip hop
  5. Indoor sky diving. This safe and fun experience feels like a cross between flying and floating
  6. Play miniature golf (depending on the course). I did mention this above, but it’s worth seeking out indoor courses as well
  7. Play table tennis. You can have a lot of laughs or go hard.
  8. Roller skate at an indoor rink – preferably one that plays 80s music.
  9. Try a spin class. Just don’t give it so much you end up being sick afterwards. That’s not much fun
  10. Try kickboxing. You might find a new hobby you both really love.

Summer active date ideas

A lovely couple enjoying horse riding together after reading these summer active date ideas for couples
  1. Book a session at the batting cage
  2. Do a walking tour of an area in your town that you’ve always wanted to explore
  3. Go horse riding
  4. Go kite flying on your next windy day
  5. Go on an ATV tour – these beasts require you to be an “active rider” so don’t think you’ll just be sitting there!
  6. Head down to the beach for some beach volleyball
  7. Play petanque
  8. Ride a bike (take it up a notch and hire a tandem)
  9. Rent paddle boats and paddle around the lake
  10. Play tennis – singles or find another couple and play doubles.

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Winter active date ideas

Don’t think your options are limited because its cold outside – as one of my former colleagues once said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.”

So rug up warm and check out these couple’s physical activities perfect for colder months.

  1. Build a snowman
  2. Develop some endurance with cross-country skiing
  3. Do a polar bear plunge
  4. Go sledding for more low key fun
  5. Go skiing
  6. Go tubing
  7. Have a snow boarding lesson
  8. If there’s no snow around, try ice blocking down your nearest hill (where it’s allowed. Some places have a ban on ice blocking for safety reasons)
  9. Make like Olympic ice skaters and hit the rink. Sequins optional
  10. Throw snowballs at targets or each other
  11. Try curling
  12. Try snow shoeing (images of tennis rackets on your feel spring to my mind)

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The couple that plays together, stays together, and being active is one way of playing. These active date ideas work if you’re in the mood for cracking a sweat with some CrossFit or doing a polar bear plunge.

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