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65 ways to say I love you this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to special days like Valentine’s Day, you want to express your love – but not in the same old way you do every day. So here’s 65 ways to say I love you – from  the creative to the cute and beyond!

A laughing couple with the text overlay, "65 ways to say I love you"

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

65 ways to be exact.

Well, 65 ways you can say you love someone which is almost the same thing!

When it comes to special days like Valentine’s Day you want to express your love – but not in the same old way you do every day.

So here’s 65 ways to say I love you.

Come Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself to try one of these ideas!

Creative ways to say I love you

A man listening to music on headphones with his partner sitting next to him smiling, as she made a special playlist as one of the creative ways to express love.

Creative ways of saying you love someone incorporate music, literature and / or creative thinking.

You could:

  1. create a special playlist of songs that have meaning to you both
  2. create  a blackout poem expressing your feelings towards them 
    • Find an existing piece of text such as a newspaper, magazine, or book.
    • Have the text you want to “write” worked out (often in real blackout poetry you look for words or phrases that leap out at you but this may be challenging)
    • Search for those words within the text. You may need to adjust your words or phrases a little, or search for a different origin text, depending on what you can find
    • Using a sharpie, draw a box around the word or phrase
    • Color in the other words- this doesn’t have to be super neat
    • Present your poem to your loved one!
  3. write a secret message – version 1
    • find their favorite book. If they don’t own it, this is a great opportunity to give them a thoughtful gift as well!
    • think of a special message you want to write.
    • search for the words in the message, and write down the page number, line number and word number where you find each word. For example, Page 133, Line 12, Word 3
    • write out these clues
    • give them the book and the clues to decipher the secret message
  4. write a secret message – version 2
    • channel your childhood geek and write a message in code. The most basic is the letter for number substitution – e.g. A = 1.
    • write the encryption key, or clues to cracking the code, along with the message on a card
  5. use a photo to painting converter to create a unique piece of art that is either of you two or symbolizes something important to you both

Romantic ways to say I love you

A man singing a song to his partner, playing his guitar on the bed,  as one of the romantic ways to say I love you.

Romantic ways of saying that you love someone are more traditional but still charming and lovely.

Why not try one or more of the following?

  1. write them a love letter
  2. sing them a song
  3. make a trail of rose petals leading towards the bedroom and sprinkle them all over the bed
  4. have a candlelight dinner
  5. frame a romantic poem and gift it to them 
  6. go on a hot air balloon ride
  7. have a night picnic
  8. go star gazing at the local observatory
  9. attach a note / jewelry box to your dog’s collar
  10. make them a romantic dessert

Cute ways to say I love you

I love you written in the sand at the beach - one of the cute ways to say I love you.

Cute ways of declaring your love for someone are fun and original! 

You could:

  1. write “I love you” or draw a love heart on your evening meal using condiments. You can do this in tomato sauce over pie, using salad dressing and so on
  2. add heart shapes to your meal. For example, make large croutons using a heart shaped cookie cutter, or use heart shaped pasta
  3. write “I love you” on post it notes and stick them in places such as on the mirror, on the steering wheel, on their phone
  4. get super inventive and create a video clip of famous utterances of I love you or similar (“As you wish!” for example, for all you Princess Bride fans)
  5. create a scavenger hunt full of cute clues that relate to your time together

Ways to say I love you using love languages

A woman in a t shirt and shorts crawling on to her husband lying on the bed.

Love languages are the brainchild of Gary Chapman.

He suggests we all have ways we feel loved the most – and that we express love in this way also.

Therefore the key to making your partner feel loved is to speak their love language. With that in mind, here’s ways to say I love you in all five love languages. 

Ways to say I love you using acts of service

  1. make them breakfast in bed
  2. cook their favorite meal
  3. make them a cup of coffee
  4. iron their work clothes
  5. make them lunch
  6. run an errand for them
  7. get something repaired that’s special to them
  8. buy them something they use that they’re about to run out of
  9. do one of their normal chores
  10. make dinner AND tidy the kitchen

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Ways to say I love you using physical touch

  1. give them a back massage
  2. give them a head massage
  3. write I love you on their bare skin with your finger tips
  4. book them in for a massage
  5. go for a dance class in a genre that involves lots of touch!
  6. invent a secret handshake
  7. kiss for at least 30 seconds
  8. make love
  9. buy them a massage pillow
  10.  buy them a quality body lotion

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Ways to say I love you using gifts

  1. create a canvas of a special photo
  2. frame ticket stubs or other mementos from special occasions
  3. deliver small, thoughtful gifts throughout the day
  4. buy a splurge gift that they’ve been really wanting
  5. arrange for flowers to be delivered at their work

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Ways to say I love you using words of affirmation

  1. tell them some specific physical quality of theirs that you love
  2. tell them some specific personality trait of theirs that you love
  3. tell them something specific they did lately that you appreciate
  4. let them overhear you praising them up to someone else
  5. say, “I really love you,” while looking deeply into their eyes

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Ways to say I love you using quality time

  1. take the day off work to be with each other
  2. arrange a date to an escape room
  3. book a surprise weekend away
  4. commit to a technology free day together
  5. attempt to stay up all night together and watch the sunrise- but only if you are able to rest the next day! I don’t know about you but the feral creature you’d get without sleep is about as far away from romantic as you can get!

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Ways to say I love you in different languages

If you want to mix things up, try saying I love you in a different language! 

I recommend checking out pronunciation on You Tube or writing these phrases onto post its and sticking them where your partner may find them, as per the suggestion above.

French: Je t’aime

German: Ich liebe dich (looking somewhat less romantic than the above!)

Greek: S’agopo

Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia ‘oe

Italian: Ti amo

Japanese: Ai shiteru

Maori: Aroha ahau ki a koe

Portuguese: Amo-te

Spanish: Te amo

American sign language: 

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love for your partner.

And what better way than to say how much you love them than with one of these creative, cute, romantic, love-language based ways to say I love you – or tell them in a different language altogether!

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