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How to plan a fun aquarium date

If you’re after a unique and exciting date idea, why not try a fun aquarium date?

A bunch of people having fun while looking at the big aquarium with sharks and fishes swimming around

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Last year my husband and I went to Sydney, Australia for a long weekend. While those who know my husband will not be surprised to hear that the main reason for our going was a cricket game, we decided to go all in on the tourist experience while we were there.

Part of that experience involved a trip to the botanical gardens, some fabulous shopping, and dinner way up the top of the Sydney Tower Eye. Last on our list, though certainly not the least, was a trip to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

All our experiences were super fun, however the aquarium date was an unexpectedly good time, in part because I hadn’t ventured to such a place since I can’t remember.

This is when I discovered that an aquarium date can be a unique experience if you’re searching for something different from your typical dinner and movie. You get to learn about about and appreciate the beauty of marine life (those manatees!) in a romantic and intimate setting – as long as you don’t do what we did and arrive right when two very large, very noisy, classes of school children do.

(If that doesn’t bother you, I can vouch for the morning being a great time to go on your aquarium date, as schools trips aside, it was fairly quiet).

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Planning your aquarium date

A happy couple looking at their laptop, planning their fun aquarium date together

The first step in planning an aquarium date is to choose not only the right aquarium to go to but the right time to go (see above points!). Many aquariums have special activities designed specifically for adults, so check out what the aquariums in your areas have on offer. Special packages for couples include things like behind-the-scenes tours, private animal encounters, even overnight stays.

Once you’ve locked in the place and time, make sure you lock in the tickets too. There’s nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute, only to find out that special exhibit is sold out. Work out other logistics as well, such as parking, hours of operation, and any other important details.

Because aquariums are also top tourist attractions, it’s worth seeing if there’s a City Pass (here’s one for you, Seattle people) which offers discounts to selected attractions. You can almost guarantee that the aquarium will be included in the potential offerings.

What to do on your aquarium date

An underground aquarium with sea creatures swimming around

When you arrive at the aquarium, take your time. My husband and I took a good 90 minutes at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and that was without any extras. Explore the different exhibits and learn about the animals on display through the information provided. You can also be sure of some great photos or videos – that sea life makes for an amazing backdrop.

After you’ve had a chance to explore the exhibits, many aquariums feature special talks, feeding demonstrations, and touch exhibits. We even took a trip on the penguin exhibition boat ride.

Animal encounters are other popular activities for couples. These can include things like swimming with dolphins, interacting with sea lions or even feeding the sharks (no thanks).

If the aquarium you visit offers a behind-the-scenes tour, check it out. These tours often provide a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the aquarium, including how the animals are cared for and how the exhibits are designed and maintained. Behind the scenes, many aquariums are not so much about entertainment as centers for animal rescue, care and rehabilitation, scientific research, education and conservation (source). They also give you the chance to see animals up close that may be inaccessible to other visitors.

Once the tour or animal encounter is over, relax and enjoy the rest of your date night. Many aquariums have dining options available, such as cafes or restaurants, where you can grab a bite to eat while enjoying the view of the aquarium’s exhibits. Some aquariums also offer special dining experiences, such as candlelit dinners or private meals with a view of the aquarium’s most popular exhibits.

After dinner, take a stroll through the gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs to remember your date night – our dogs Maisy and Winston are very fond of their toy dolphin! Regardless of your taste, you’re sure to find something as a special momento of your aquarium date.

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Overall, an aquarium date is a fun and unique way for couples to connect and learn more about marine life. With a variety of special events and activities available, there’s something for every couple to enjoy.

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