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This or that questions

Want to get to know your loved one better, have an entertaining evening with your family, or play a fun ice-breaker game with friends ? If so, you’ll want to try these this or that questionsperfect for so many occasions.

A couple laughing together as they answer this or that questions for couples

Games can teach you more than if the person you’re playing with has the kind of competitive streak that sees them upending the Monopoly board when they land on Boardwalk a few too many times. They can also be repositories of interesting information – especially when they involve questions.

This or that questions is such a game.

This or that questions work by giving two choices. You must answer with one of the choices, even if both are equally revolting to you, or conversely, equally appealing.

This or that questions are very similar to would you rather questions. The key difference is this or that questions are shorter so you can get a rapid pace going with them.

This or that questions also run a huge range of types or topics. Here you will find general this or that questions aimed at adults, funny this or that questions, and this or that questions for couples.

Ways to play This or that questions

There are several ways to play This or that questions. These include:

  1. creating a how well do you know me questions scenario. Have the list of questions in advance, and go through writing down what you think the other person will answer. This s an especially good way to play this or that questions for couples. You can even assign points.
  2. taking turns to ask the questions as an icebreaker. If you were playing these in a group date or team, it could then be a challenge to meet up with people who shared a percentage of your preferences.
  3. asking “why” after each one for a detailed breakdown of their reasons – perfect if you want to take your time with these this or that questions.

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This or that questions for adults

While more appropriate to adults than children or teens, these this or that questions fit most contexts without embarrassing anyone.

A person having a morning coffee, with the beautiful sunrise in the background
  1. Morning person or night person?
  2. Christmas or Halloween?
  3. Law-abiding citizen or rule breaker?
  4. Mother or sister?
  5. Cardio or weights?
  6. Credit card or cash?
  7. Big party or small get-together?
  8. Speeding ticket or parking ticket?
  9. Bath or shower?
  10. Online shopping or in store?
  11. Glasses or contacts?
  12. Driver or passenger?
  13. Pancakes or waffles?
  14. Save or spend?
  15. Comedy or thriller?
  16. City or country?
  17. Summer or winter?
  18. Dancing or singing?
  19. Tennis or golf?
  20. Watch sport live or on television?
  21. Dine-in or delivery?
  22. Flying or driving?
  23. Underdressed or overdressed?
  24. Tan or pale?
  25. Tall or short?
  26. Toothpaste or deodorant?
  27. Kind smile or kind eyes?
  28. Fridays or Sundays?
  29. Family or friends?
  30. Glass half-full or half-empty?
  31. Price or rating?
  32. Bad breath or body odor?
  33. Coffee or tea?
  34. Passion or stability?
  35. Beef or chicken?
  36. Beach vacation or mountain vacation?
  37. Fast food or haute cuisine?
  38. DIY or hire a professional?
  39. Best personal life or best professional life?
  40. Savory or sweet?
  41. Cat or dog?
  42. Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  43. Phone call or text?
  44. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?
  45. Lose sleep or miss a meal?
  46. Camping or glamping?
  47. Babies or old people?
  48. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  49. Dreamer or do-er?
  50. Strong or smart?
  51. Plans or surprises?
  52. Stay here or move town?
  53. Too loud or too quiet?
  54. Watch sports or play sports?
  55. Passenger or driver?
  56. Motorbike or ebike?
  57. Laundry or dishes?
  58. Soap or bodywash?
  59. Private chef or cleaner?
  60. Sunrise or sunset?
  61. Perfect teeth or perfect hair?
  62. Antique or new?
  63. Start work early and leave early, or start late and leave late?
  64. Messy desk or clean desk?
  65. Emails or conversations?
  66. Leader or follower?
  67. Bagels or muffins?
  68. Free food or free drinks?
  69. Top sheet or just duvet?
  70. Book or movie?
  71. Colored hair or au natural?
  72. Nosy neighbors or noisy neighbors?
  73. Hero or sidekick?
  74. Makeup or no makeup?
  75. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  76. Air dry or hairdryer?
  77. Long hair or short hair?
  78. Mini skirts or maxi skirts?
  79. Tattoos or piercings?
  80. Flowers or trees?
  81. Yoga pants or jeans?
  82. Boxers or briefs?
  83. Wax or shave?
  84. Funny or sweet?
  85. Run or cycle?
  86. First or last?
  87. Spend $10,000 or save $10,000?
  88. RV or boat?
  89. Theme park or botanical gardens?
  90. Work at home or in the office?
  91. Employee or employer?
  92. Knife or fork?
  93. Caramel or chocolate?
  94. Together or alone?
  95. Introvert or extrovert?
  96. Apartment or house?
  97. Gold or silver?
  98. Touch or taste?
  99. Hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos?
  100. Ice or fire?
  101. Too hot or too cold?
  102. Sports car or monster truck?
  103. Build a house or renovate?
  104. Store-bought or homemade?
  105. Musical theatre or concert?

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Funny this or that questions

These funny this or that questions will be sure to raise some smiles (if not some heated debate!)

A toilet paper roll hung over: This or that questions
  1. Over or under toilet paper?
  2. Mullet or shaved head?
  3. One eyebrow or no eyebrows?
  4. Zombie outbreak or an alien invasion?
  5. Extra nipple or extra toe?
  6. Fart in public or in bed?
  7. Invisible or invincible?
  8. 1980s music or 2020s music?
  9. Undies inside out or no undies?
  10. Dragon or unicorn?

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Deep this or that questions

Want some this or that questions that make you think? See how you get on with these ones:

A timer and a pile of coins: This or that questions about money or time
  1. Money or time?
  2. God or no God?
  3. Honesty or the other’s feelings?
  4. Be your first love’s second choice or your second love’s first choice?
  5. Second chances or no second chances?
  6. Teamwork or solo?
  7. Reincarnation or nothingness?
  8. Feel overwhelmed by your emotions or feel nothing at all?
  9. Divorced or widowed?
  10. Life coach or psychologist?
  11. See the future or change the past?
  12. Get divorced or stay for the kids?
  13. Time machine or magic wand?
  14. Play it safe or take risks?
  15. Growth or security?
  16. Self-made billionaire or inherited wealth?
  17. Form or function?
  18. Arts or sciences?
  19. Pass away without warning or time to prepare?
  20. Heal yourself or heal others?
  21. Cheat or steal?
  22. Individual or community?
  23. Physical illness or mental illness?
  24. A life of highs and lows or a steady, somewhat boring life?
  25. Born in the future or the past?
  26. Stay at age 16 or 60?
  27. Past or future?
  28. Telekinesis or telepathy?
  29. Artificial intelligence or the human touch?
  30. Animals or people?

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This or that questions for couples

If you want this or that questions specifically designed for couples, this is the section for you.

A puppy on the bed: This or that questions about dogs or babies
  1. Dogs or babies?
  2. Joint accounts or individual accounts?
  3. Marry or live together?
  4. Vacation or staycation?
  5. Big wedding or small wedding?
  6. Night out or night in?
  7. Vacation together or with family?
  8. Couple’s massage or massage by each other?
  9. Go to a regular place for date night or a new place every time?
  10. Ask for a gift or be surprised?
  11. Resolve a fight or sleep on it?
  12. Solve problems separately or as a team?
  13. Big family or small family?
  14. Free date night or luxurious date night?
  15. Go to bed at the same time or when you’re ready for bed?

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This or that questions make for a fun and interesting activity for couples, friends or family. Which ones were your favorites?

Want another fun questions game? Try these hypothetical questions for couples.

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