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How well do you know me questions

Check out this list of 200 how well do you know me questions – perfect for date night or a couples quiz!

A couple in an embrace outside in Winter. The text overlay says, "How well do you know me questions for couples."

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when we’ve looked at our loved one across the room after they’ve said or done something, and thought, “Do I even know who you?”

But all joking aside, we often get so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t always retain an attitude of curiosity towards our partners.

Famous marriage therapists, the Gottman’s suggest having this attitude of curiosity is essential to having an enduring relationship (source).

So rather than assume you know everything about your partner, these how well do you know me questions will reveal the truth.

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My husband and I have been together for eight years now and we still learned things about each other testing them out!

(These questions are also super fun for a who knows me best questions game with friend and family).

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Family questions

Grandmother and granddaughter together on couch.

These how well do you know me questions can be tricky!

They focus on questions to ask your spouse about your family.

  1. What is my mother’s maiden name?
  2. What date is my father’s birthday?
  3. What are the full names of my siblings?
  4. Where were my parents born?
  5. Which grandparent was I closest to?
  6. What’s a memory I have about a grandparent?
  7. Which grandparent was the first to pass away?
  8. What’s an interesting fact about one of my grandparents?
  9. What number grandchild was I on each side?
  10. What was my mom’s main profession?
  11. Who was my favorite aunt or uncle?
  12. Name all of my cousins.
  13. Was I close to any cousins growing up?
  14. Who is the black sheep in my family?
  15. How old were my parents when I was born?
  16. What was my dad’s main profession?
  17. Who was my main caregiver?
  18. Which sibling was I closest to growing up?
  19. Did I have a childhood nickname?
  20. What is the story of my name?

Memories questions

Baby sucking their thumb.

These couples trivia questions are all about your important memories.

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See how many of them your partner can get right!

  1. What town was I born in?
  2. What time was I born?
  3. What was the first house I lived in?
  4. Did I suck my thumb?
  5. What was the name of the first school I attended?
  6. What’s one memory I have of my elementary school years?
  7. Who was my favorite teacher in elementary school?
  8. What did I like to do at elementary school?
  9. Name one friend I had at elementary school.
  10. Name one childhood pet I had.
  11. What was my favorite toy?
  12. What tv show/s did I used to watch growing up?
  13. How did I get this scar?
  14. What was the name of my high school?
  15. How did I get to high school?
  16. What were my grades like in senior year?
  17. Who was my first girlfriend / boyfriend?
  18. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  19. Who did I have my first kiss with?
  20. Who was my senior prom date?

Experience questions

A young girl riding a bike with training wheels: one of the how well do you know me questions.

The experiences we have in our lives form some of our strongest memories.

The questions are about important experiences you’ve gone through in your life: from learning to ride a bike, to going on a blind date.

  1. How did I learn to ride a bike?
  2. How did I learn to swim?
  3. What was the first concert I went to?
  4. What was the first movie I saw at the movie theater?
  5. Have I ever been on a game show?
  6. Have I ever met a celebrity?
  7. Name a sports game I’ve attended.
  8. What’s a physical challenge I’ve mastered?
  9. Have I ever bungy jumped?
  10. Have I been on a blind date?
  11. Who was the first person to break my heart?
  12. When was a time I was really sick?
  13. What operations have I had?
  14. What bones have I broken?
  15. Have I been in any car accidents?
  16. Have I been on a cruise?
  17. Have I ever traveled solo?
  18. What’s the longest car trip I’ve ever taken?
  19. What was the first overseas trip I went on?
  20. What countries have I visited?

Food questions

A woman's hand holding chopsticks as she goes to pick up some food. Can I eat with chopsticks is one of the how well do you know me questions.

Food is another important aspect of our personal history. It’s a key component of our traditions and rituals, and even our daily routines.

These how well do you know me questions for couples are therefore all about food!

  1. What foods did I hate as a child that I eat now?
  2. What was a typical meal when I was a child?
  3. What’s the grossest food I’ve ever eaten?
  4. Have I ever had food poisoning?
  5. How many cups of coffee do I have in a day?
  6. What’s my favorite comfort food?
  7. What would be my typical breakfast or brunch order?
  8. What do I like to cook?
  9. What’s my favorite time to eat dinner?
  10. What “normal” food do I refuse to eat?
  11. What’s my go-to McDonald’s order?
  12. What’s my favorite nationality for food?
  13. Do I eat with my fork in my right or left hand?
  14. Can I use chopsticks?
  15. Do I have any food allergies?
  16. What’s my favorite restaurant?
  17. Would I send back food in a restaurant?
  18. What’s my favorite dessert?
  19. What’s my signature dish?
  20. Have I ever been vegetarian?

Work questions

Woman at her first job. One of the questions for couples: What was my first job?

Love it or hate it, our work forms a huge part of our lives.

That first job probably taught you important lessons about reliability, following direction and measuring your worth.

The job you’re in now is shaping the routines, goals and stresses you have.

Test your partner on how much he or she knows about your working life!

  1. What was the first job I got?
  2. Did I ever babysit?
  3. Did I mow lawns for money?
  4. Have I ever been a waitress / waiter?
  5. Have I ever worked at a supermarket?
  6. What’s the worst job I ever did?
  7. What’s the shortest job I ever had?
  8. Did I ever fake a sick day?
  9. What kind of work gives me the most satisfaction?
  10. Did I ever have a work wife / work husband?
  11. Who was my favorite boss ever?
  12. Who was my worst boss ever?
  13. What are my goals for my current job?
  14. How long do I plan to stay in my current position?
  15. Have I ever been fired?
  16. Have I ever been made redundant?
  17. Have I ever been headhunted?
  18. What would I change about my current job?
  19. Who are my work friends?
  20. What is my dream job?

Hobbies, sports and interests questions

A cricket player going in for bat.

Hobbies, sports and other interests form an important dimension to our lives. If our work isn’t as fulfilling as we’d like, then those aspects take on even more importance.

These how well do you know me questions delve into those passion’s of yours you’ve had since you were little, up until the present day.

  1. Name one childhood hobby I had.
  2. What’s the longest hobby I’ve had?
  3. Do I share a love for any hobbies with a parent?
  4. Did I collect stamps as a child?
  5. What sports did I play as a child?
  6. What position did I play in X sport?
  7. How many years did I play X sport?
  8. What was my top sporting achievement?
  9. Have I ever won any awards for my hobbies?
  10. What hobby or interest that I used to do would I like to start again?
  11. How many hours a week would I spend on my hobby?
  12. Have I had lessons in any hobby?
  13. What hobbies would I like to try?
  14. What’s the most unusual hobby I’ve had?
  15. How was I introduced to my favorite hobby?
  16. What’s my favorite thing to do in my free time?
  17. What’s my favorite sport to watch?
  18. What would be my ideal retirement hobby?
  19. What hobby would I like to do with you?
  20. What’s my most enjoyable part of my favorite hobby?

Feelings questions

Scared couple watching a movie: what scares me is one of the how well do you know me questions.

We’re so much more than just things.

Really getting to know someone is knowing about their feelings. What are their fears? What keeps them up at night? Who do they love?

These couples quiz questions tests your loved one on their knowledge of your innermost feelings.

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  1. What scares me?
  2. What am I most afraid of?
  3. What am I most ashamed of?
  4. What kind of things make me embarrassed?
  5. What situations do I find uncomfortable?
  6. What causes me stress?
  7. What things do I find disgusting?
  8. What kind of things make me angry?
  9. What are my greatest hurts?
  10. Do people have to earn my trust?
  11. What am I jealous of?
  12. When do I feel most at ease?
  13. What do I find funny?
  14. What do I find boring?
  15. What brings me joy?
  16. Do I like to be surprised?
  17. In what situations do I feel confident?
  18. Who do I love?
  19. What is my love language?
  20. What do I feel proud of?

Favorites questions

What's my favorite breed of dog is one of the how well do you know me questions here. This image shows my fave dog breed- the brussels griffon.

There’s no doubt about it that we’re hardwired to have favorites.

Whether it’s your favorite song or words you like to live by, these how well do you know me questions are all about the things you love the best.

  1. What’s my favorite color?
  2. What’s my favorite perfume / men’s fragrance?
  3. What’s my favorite 80s song?
  4. What’s my favorite movie?
  5. What’s my favorite board game?
  6. What’s my favorite card game?
  7. What’s my favorite breed of dog?
  8. What’s my favorite flower?
  9. What’s my favorite kitchen appliance?
  10. What’s my favorite pair of shoes?
  11. What’s my favorite car?
  12. What’s my favorite tv show that I’ve watched in the last year?
  13. What’s my favorite form of exercise?
  14. What’s my favorite charity?
  15. What’s my favorite skincare brand?
  16. What’s my favorite brand of washing powder?
  17. Who’s my favorite author?
  18. What’s my favorite quote?
  19. What’s my favorite chip flavor?
  20. What’s my favorite chocolate bar?

Preferences questions

A cup of coffee with a love heart.

Close to our favorites are our preferences. Our tastes dictate that when it comes to a choice, there are definitely things we prefer over others.

Does your partner know what your preferences are?

  1. Do I prefer salty or sweet?
  2. Do I prefer being hot or cold?
  3. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  4. Do I prefer baths or showers?
  5. Do I prefer Spring or Summer?
  6. Do I prefer podcasts or the radio?
  7. Do I prefer chocolate or caramel?
  8. Do I prefer planes or boats?
  9. Do I prefer watching or listening?
  10. Do I prefer concerts or plays?
  11. Do I prefer baseball or football?
  12. Do I prefer cupcakes or cheesecake?
  13. Do I prefer the beach or the lake?
  14. Do I prefer dogs or cats?
  15. Do I prefer comedy or romance?
  16. Do I prefer dolphins or koalas?
  17. Do I prefer Bert or Ernie?
  18. Do I prefer reading or writing?
  19. Do I prefer drama or horror?
  20. Do I prefer Netflix or the cinema?

Bucket list questions

Woman traveling to Italy - a bucket list item.

This last section of how well do you know me questions are all about your bucket list items.

They’re a fun way for couples to get to learn about each other’s hopes and dreams.

  1. What country would I most like to visit?
  2. Which country would I most like to travel the breadth of?
  3. What natural landmark would I most like to see?
  4. What European city would I most like to vacation to?
  5. What new wonders of the world would I like to visit?
  6. What other country would I like to live in?
  7. What concert would I like to see?
  8. What sporting event would I like to attend?
  9. How far would I like to be able to run?
  10. How much weight would I like to be able to bench press?
  11. What great walks would I like to do?
  12. What animal would I like to rescue?
  13. What person would I like to connect / reconnect with?
  14. What traditions would I like to start for my family?
  15. What meal would I like to master?
  16. What new skill would I like to learn?
  17. What level would I like to reach at work?
  18. What personal weakness would I like to get rid of?
  19. What charity would I like to be involved with?
  20. What age would I like to retire?

There’s lots to know about a person – their family history, their favorite things and their bucket list dreams – just to name a few.

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However if you make it all the way through these 200 how well do you know me questions, then there’s probably not much you don’t know about each other!

If you’re asking a married couple questions about their relationship, then consider sharing these questions with them too and see how they score!

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Then you'll want this freebie.

It's called The KISS Connection and it's a FREE 4-step everyday practice that will bring back that loving feeling.

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