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Date ideas for teens (aged 13-15)

These date ideas for younger teens are for 13 – 15 year olds who have recently started dating (or are even about to go on their first date). There are also fun double date ideas for teens as well!

A young teen couple. The text overlay days, "Date ideas for younger teens."

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Looking for first date ideas or fun date ideas for teens in particular?

There’s a few considerations to think about – especially for younger teens in the 13 – 15 year old age range.

And if you’re reading this because you’re Mom, wanting to offer some ideas to your teen (even though part of you is cringing inside) these considerations are even more important!

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Becoming an adult is one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life.

You can go from the depths of despair to the height of excitement in seconds. Your emotions are like a whirlwind.

When you first have feelings for someone and they also have feelings for you – that’s one of the most magical things ever!

And sometimes it’s easy to let those feelings overwhelm you (that whirlwind I talked about) and put you in situations that you’re not necessarily that comfortable with – or that you may go along with at the time but have regrets about later.

One of the secrets to life success is actually not relying on either making choices or your own willpower, because newsflash – our brains just aren’t that good at doing that.

Instead it’s about creating the right environment to help you achieve your goals.

Think about it – when you’re working on a something important, like studying for a test, you don’t have YouTube on in the background, your phone next to you and music playing in your ears. All you’re going to learn there is that you’re easily distracted.

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It’s like that with dating too.

When you’re first dating someone, it’s important to do things that are fun and (I know you won’t like this word) safe.

By safe, I mean activities where you’re going to get to know someone in a place where there are other people around, and doing things that will give you some insight into the kind of person they are.

That’s because you’re creating the right environment to start a relationship – because the biggest question in that context is, Do I actually like this person?

That’s followed by, Is this person good for me?

If your hormones get in the way you won’t be asking anything, believe me.

These date ideas for teens are therefore fun, safe and also – because you’re a teen right – cheap!

After all, chances are you’re not walking around with a bucket full of cash.

So here are 40 date ideas for teens age 13-15 you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Note that each date idea in the lower age range is also heaps of fun, so don’t forget to read those as well!

Date ideas for 13 year olds

A water park slide: date ideas for 13 year olds.

Backyard movie

This one is going to require some help from Mom or Dad but is a fun twist on a movie date and awesome for those hot summer nights.

If you’re looking for cute date ideas at home this is the one.

Set up your own movie theater in the back yard and put on a favorite film or go all out with a movie marathon.

This is the perfect idea if you’re comfortable enough to go to each other’s houses but want something to focus on that makes conversation less important! (You could also invite some friends over for a double date).

Flea market fun

Head to the flea market with a small amount of cash.

Your goal is to buy a small and unique gift for your date.

Take a tour around and then go back and pick out your present.

Game night

Games are a fun way to spend a date. Go old school and get out the board games.

Some of the most fun two player games are:


This is the perfect strategy game that takes less than a minute to learn.

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TENZI dice bundle

This TENZI bundle comes with 77 Ways to play TENZI.

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Ticket to Ride - Play with Alexa

This version of the fast-paced, award-winning board game Ticket to Ride can be played with Alexa.

01/22/2022 04:25 am GMT

Splendor is a game where players are merchants trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops - all in order to acquire the most points.

01/22/2022 04:27 am GMT

Just make sure you’re not the kind of person who upends a Monopoly board when you’re losing before you choose this date!

Not a fan of board games? Grab the xbox or PlayStation.

Ice cream date

Put a twist on this traditional date idea for teens by making a bucket list with your date of your favorite ice cream flavors.

You can make it a date to cross off as many flavors as you can (it can even be a fun way for you to end every date!).

Ice skating

If the above idea was great for summer, here’e one for when it’s winter time! Search for your nearest ice skating rink and head on over for some fun times.

It’s not always as easy as it looks, so make sure you’re comfortable with falling over in front of your date!

Library date

If you’re both into reading, you’ll love a library date.

Show each other your favorite book from when you were a kid. Pick a book you want the other person to read, and then finish off by deciding on a book you’re both going to read together.

This library date idea can be modified to suit you and your date.

Otherwise, simply find a comfortable seat at the library and bed down for an hour or so!

Mini golf

Mini golf is a great date idea for 13 year olds – in fact it works for all ages, including adults! It’s challenging and fun, doesn’t cost a lot and it is the perfect length of time for a date: most of the time it takes about an hour (that of course depends on how busy the course is and how many of you are in your group).

Mini golf is also a great test of character – seeing how your crush acts when they win or lose can say a lot about who they are as a person!

Rock climbing

Head to the local rock climbing wall and have fun challenging yourself!

Straw bridges

Are you a mathematically minded pair?

Check out this straw bridge building challenge.

See who can design the strongest bridge in the time you have set.

Water park

Get mom or dad to take you to the water park for some fun and excitement.

You can enjoy all the slides while they enjoy a coffee in peace!

Date ideas for 14 year olds

Making pizza: date ideas for 14 year olds.


Baking is a fun activity to do on a date. You have a set task to do which can help avoid any awkward conversations or long silences. And once you’ve finishing cooking your creation, you get to eat it!

You can even take this idea to the next level and make dinner for the family! That’s one way to impress the parents.

Dog walk

Both have dogs? How about you give them some exercise AND spend some time with your date by taking them on a dog walk.

What better way of seeing if you and your crush are compatible than making sure your dogs also approve?

Just be careful if you have a handbag dog and they have a husky. You wouldn’t want your date to end in tragedy!

Fruit picking

Fruit picking is a fun and inexpensive date idea for teens – especially if you find a place where you can eat as you pick for free.

Get some fruit and then head home and do the date below using your fresh fruit as a topping.

Ice cream sundae date

You may have liked the ice cream date above – take it to the next level and make your own!

Either try making your own ice cream from scratch using one of these homemade ice cream recipes, or if that’s a little bit in the too hard basket, have an ice cream sundae making date instead.

Get plain vanilla ice cream and then dress it up with things like

  • chocolate sauce
  • caramel sauce
  • hot fudge sauce
  • banana
  • shredded coconut
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • chocolate chips
  • chopped nuts
  • sprinkles
  • m&ms

The list goes on.

Make a video

Make a fun Tik Tok video or start a You tube channel (maybe making that pizza you whipped up earlier) and post it for your friends to enjoy.

Photo booth date

Make some fun props and then head down to the photo booth at your nearest mall.

Take some fun pics together – you never know, you might be looking back on them when you’re an old married couple thinking about how crazy you were.

Pick a path

Write a list of fast food places or cheap eats you would like to check out, putting each one on each piece of papr.

Put the pieces of paper into a bag and draw one out.

That’s where you’re heading for your date.

Pizza night

Food features in a lot of date ideas for 14 year olds because let’s face it – you’re at that stage of life when you’re always hungry.

Get (or make) some pizza bases and some sauces (aim for classic tomato and barbecue at a minimum). Then prepare a range of meat and vegetable toppings which are already sliced, diced, or chopped such as:

Meat toppings

  • bacon
  • chicken
  • chorizo
  • ground beef
  • ham
  • pepperoni

Vege toppings

  • baby spinach
  • mushroom
  • onion
  • olives
  • oregano
  • pepper (red, green, yellow)
  • pineapple
  • red onion
  • tomatoes

Don’t forget the cheese! You’ll be wanting plenty of that.

If you’d like some easy pizza recipes, check out DIY pizza date night.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to work together on a date.

Search Google for “scavenger hunt ideas.” For a date that’s just the two of you, skip the photo challenges. Just grab a checklist and head off and see if you can find all the items.

Ten dollar challenge

Take $10 each and go to the supermarket. Your goal is to buy the best snacks you can and then head back to your place and watch some movies while you enjoy the food.

Date ideas for 15 year olds

A teen girl wheeling her bike: date ideas for 15 year olds.

Back to school

Your own school probably has some fun activities happening that make for a fun date for teens.

If you’re ready to brave your relationship to the masses, then why not check out what’s on?

As well as sports games, dances and plays there can be other interesting and different events like speech competitions, talent shows and more.

Bike riding

Grab your bikes and head off to explore. Check out local trails – preferably ones where there’s an ice cream store at the end.

Binge watch a season of a new series

Had a series you’ve been hanging out to watch?

Gather together some tasty treats and then sit down on the couch for a season binge.

Make sure you’ve got the five to seven hours this one will take you.


A summer date idea for 15 year olds is to go canoeing or stand up paddle boarding. You can make it as relaxing or competitive as you want, and it’s a great way to cool down when the weather it hot.

Double down on your common interests

Do you both like art? Music? Writing?

Whatever your common interest is, make a date to get better at it.

This can be as simple as watching a You tube video for how to add red herrings into your stories, to attending a writing festival.

Fairground fun

Head to a local fair and check out the dodgy rides and fun games.

See if you can win a big stuffed toy for the other person.

Finish off by stuffing your face full of candyfloss.

Food festival

Head to your nearest food festival. Make a fun game of it by doing things like ordering for each other, or trying a food you’ve never tasted before.

Sit down on a blanket and enjoy the vibe – hopefully there’s a few musicians you can enjoy.

Get cultured

Go to your local museum or art gallery.

Make a game out of it – look for an item you can connect to in some way from when you were younger and share the story of it with your date.

Picnic time

Grab a picnic basket and fill it with some of these romantic picnic foods (you can even make preparing them part of your date).

Head down to the local park, and relax on a blanket together.

Take a kite or a Frisbee for some fun once you’ve finished eating.

Work out

Get moving together – go to the local gym and try a class. It doesn’t have to be super physical – you could try yoga (though you might be surprised how much energy it takes!), Pilates, spin or cross fit.

The options are as endless as their timetable!

Double date ideas for teens

A group of teens' hands waving at a concert: one of the double date ideas for teens.

Attend a concert or sporting event

Attending big events can be lots of fun for a double date. Aim to pick something that everyone likes (which may be more challenging than you’d think!).

Community happenings

Look in your local paper for things like a working bee at the community garden, tree planting, or area beautification.

Grab your couple friends and head on down to do some good together.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are my top pick for double dates.

You have a specific task you need to achieve (escape) , it has to be done in a short period of time (which adds to the adrenaline) and it tests your powers of creative thinking and problem solving.

Like other pressure situations, it also gives you a good insight into your date’s personality.

Game night

There are a whole lot of fun games you can play as one couple – but having four people makes it even more fun!

As well as the games mentioned above, you’ll want to try:


This talking description game is fast paced and hugely entertaining.

01/21/2022 01:08 am GMT

Catan is the popular, multi-award winning civilization building board game of harvesting and trading resources.

01/22/2022 01:47 am GMT

Buy, sell, dream and scheme your way to riches with this classic game.

01/18/2022 01:18 am GMT

As skilled members of a disease fighting team, you and the other players work together to keep the world safe from outbreaks and epidemics.

Wonder how that skill might come in handy?

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This double date idea is best for 15 year olds or older. While it’s easy to do with just the two of you, it’s easier and safer to have another couple join in – there’s more people to help if anything goes wrong and you can share the load.

Find an easy hiking trail that takes an hour or two to complete. Work out together who is going to take what in their pack: food, warm clothing and first aid are a must (though you’ll want to check this list for the 10 essentials for any hike).

Painting contest

Grab some art supplies and some paper. Start with one member of the couple paining the other. After 30 minutes, stop and swap over.

Have a prize for the best portrait.

Photo scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are lot of fun (and feature up above). Turn your scavenger hunt into a fun double date by doing a photo scavenger hunt, where you have to take photographic evidence of what you’ve found.

These can be random things (eg take a photo of an orange traffic light) or staged ones (take a photo of you doing press ups outside Applebees).

A Google search will show a tonne of lists for you to choose from.

S’mores making contest

As part of your back yard movie night (see the date ideas for 13 year olds), or on a separate date all together, invite some other couples over for a s’more making competition.

If possible, make the s’mores the traditional way over a campfire (aka fire pit) in the back yard – but make sure you ask permission first!

For inspiration, look to these creative s’mores recipes and see which ones taste the best.

Ten pin bowling

10 pin bowling is a fun date idea for any age, but also works well for a double date because more people make the game more challenging and exciting.

Join up in teams of couple versus couple. Loser couple pays for the food afterwards.

Water fight

Using water bombs or water guns, have a challenge against another couple (or more). This is a fun way to work together and take out your opponents.

The easiest way to decide on a winner is to set a timer. At the end of the time period the couple who is the least wet wins.

Summing up Date ideas for teens

Once you’ve decided to go on a date (which may have involved a huge amount of nerves on both parts), you’re left with the question of what to do.

I mean no one wants to go through that and then not have a good time.

And even once you’re on your second, third, fourth or more date, you’ll still be wanting new and exciting experiences.

These date ideas for teens are specifically for younger teens who have a little less money and a little less independence than their older peers.

With a focus on fun, food and getting to know one another, these date ideas are perfect for teens who are just starting to date – but work just as well for couples who have been exclusive for years.

There’s even double date ideas for teens for when you want to double the fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.