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50 at home family activities to do with teens

Check out these at home family activities to do with teens so that you can spend some quality time together.

Family with two teens hugging each other happily after reading these at home family activities to do with teens

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If you’re running out of ideas of things to do with your teens that by and large DON”T rely on a screen – just in case you’re sick of seeing their faces buried in one – here’s some ideas for you.

Creative family activities for teens

A parent and a teen making colorful origami together after reading these creative at home family activities to do with teens
  1. Teach them how to knot or crochet or watch tutorials and learn together
  2. Get them to ask you these questions for married couples about their relationship and record the answers
  3. Check out an upcoming National Day and work out how you can celebrate it
  4. Create a playlist for other family members
  5. Take a photo every day for a month that represents the best moment of each of your days. Make a video of it at the end of it.
  6. Write poetry together – look up different styles such a Petrarchan sonnets and see what you can do working within a form
  7. Make origami together
  8. Make a family time capsule
  9. Try a simple sewing project – these ones are perfect for teens (and moms or dads!) who are just learning
  10. Sum up the lives of each family member in one sentence.
  11. Take photos of your pets, aiming to capture their personality
  12. Watch some YouTube make up tutorials and experiment with a new look
  13. Do some research into a wicked problem think about how you would solve it
  14. Write your life bucket list
  15. Learn how to moonwalk
A happy family taking a selfie while in the middle of making pastries after reading these food related at home family activities to do with teens
  1. Create a new version of a family favorite recipe
  2. Bake some patriotic cookies
  3. Cook a traditional meal from a country you’d all like to visit one day
  4. Do a chocolate taste test. Buy two boxes of assorted chocolates or candy bars. Create a score card. Blindfold the recipient and give them one chocolate or candy bar at a time and get them to guess the flavor
  5. Invent a new family mocktail – use these ideas for inspiration
  6. Invent a new family pizza
  7. Make bread
  8. Learn how to use chopsticks
  9. Make homemade ice cream
  10. Make sushi from scratch

Fun at home family activities to do with teens

A family happily playing board games after reading these fun at home family activities to do with teens
  1. Have an all night board game challenge
  2. Check out a virtual tour of Disney World
  3. Get old school and play knuckle bones or elastics
  4. Go to Netflix or whatever streaming service you use and select the fifth show of the fourth genre and watch it
  5. Have a movie marathon
  6. Play Hunt a killer
  7. Have one day when you watch the sunrise and the sunset
  8. Rewatch your favorite childhood movies (for both mom and dad and your teen/s)
  9. Set up a mini golf course at home
  10. Research things about each family member – for example the meanings of your names, birthstones, Chinese zodiac and more

You could also ask these 100 would you rather questions for teens or 150 questions for teens.

Physical family activities to do with teens at home

A family doing yoga in their living room after reading these physical at home family activities to do with teens
  1. Have the whole family build up their push ups skills until they can do 50 consecutive push ups
  2. Master a handstand or headstand
  3. Practice goal kicking or shooting hoops in the back yard – set a record and then aim to beat it every day
  4. Do an online yoga class
  5. Hold a plank for as long as possible, aiming to increase the time you can hold it every day

Productive at home family activities to do with teens

Family sitting on the couch while their teenage daughter uses their laptop after reading these productive at home family activities to do with teens
  1. Declutter a bedroom
  2. Sort through your closets
  3. Learn some basic DIY skills like repairing holes in walls, painting and unclogging a drain
  4. Learn some basic mending skills like sewing on a button, mending a small tear and hemming
  5. Start a basic woodworking project like building a birdhouse
  6. Research some healthy habits and start one
  7. Learn about time management
  8. Start a vegetable garden
  9. Start a side hustle
  10. Learn about compound interest

If you’re looking for family activities you can do with your teen at home, then these 50 idea have you covered. However you might also like these mother daughter date ideas for you and your teen and mother-son date ideas for you and your teen. and these family fun night activities.

From creative to productive things, there’s something every family member will enjoy.

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ANDRETTA nicole Graham

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Is thereanything you can do without havingto buy it ??


Sunday 28th of November 2021

Hi Andretta. Most of the ideas here are free. Even if it involves learning something, you can find classes for free on you tube for most things. Was there a type of activity you liked the most?

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