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Sexy date ideas for couples

Date night can be sweet, creative, romantic… and it can also be sexy as heck. These sexy date ideas for couples are for those times you just want to get down and dirty!

A couple on the bed being intimate after reading these sexy date ideas

Before you keep reading, here’s a warning – these 20 sexy date ideas are fully focused around making love – date ideas that should get the spice back in your marriage quicker than you can say, Let’s get naked.

Just so you’re prepared.

I’ve always said that making love is the best thing you can do with your spouse to feel close, connected, and content. If Ben and I aren’t doing it regularly you can bet we both notice it.

Like many things in life, however, when you’ve been together a while you might have gotten into a bit of the same-old same-old routine.

These sexy date night ideas are perfect for getting you out of the rut and into each other.

Fantasy Island

Everyone has a fantasy inside of them. Whether it’s relatively tame, such as being blindfolded or tied up, or something a little more exotic, so long as it doesn’t involve anyone else (that’s where my boundaries firmly are), why not give it a try?

Make your sexy date night all about focusing on your partner’s fantasy and then next time, make it your turn!


There’s something pretty magical about making love outside. It’s a little bit naughty and a little bit nice: especially when it’s a hot summer’s day. There’s the warm sun on your skin and the heat somewhere else…

Just take care – no-one wants their sexy date to end up at the police station for indecent exposure.

These days I try keep this one to the backyard.

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High school dropout

Do you remember back in high school when making out was such a big deal?

You’d spend hours kissing and touching and rubbing against each other – often with a decent amount of clothes still on.

I’m not going to lie; I think my husband and I probably make love MORE than we full on kiss these days.

Go back to high school and have a full on make-out session.

Strip poker

Okay, this one may not actually be strip poker, because if you’re like me, you don’t actually know HOW to play strip poker. I just felt the urge to play on the name.

Luckily any game that involves hands (card hands I mean people. Let’s keep this as clean as we can), points, or rolls of the dice can be turned into a strip-off opportunity.

Just make sure you put your nice underwear on first, okay? 

Game on

A man laying down the bed while looking at the woman, after reading these sexy date ideas

If you’re not inventive enough to turn a normal game into a stripping session, go straight for the chase by playing one of these bedroom board games for couples.

There’s a combination of reasonably clean to downright dirty activities in most of the games – but all of them are aiming for one thing!

The christening

Not to be confused with anything that should happen in a church, this one is about christening your home.

Make it a date to make love in every room of your home – with a few exceptions.

I don’t know about you but it would feel wrong to make love in the kids’ rooms and the toilet holds little appeal. For every other room, I say let’s go!

Make out point

Every town has one – the place where you’d drive to make out.

My own stomping grounds had TWO such places. One was reasonably close to town (romantically named Pork Chop Hill) and one about half an hour out, but way more private.

For your sexy date night, drive out there and have a make-out session in the car (or on the car).

Take it as far as you feel comfortable…

Baby you can drive my car

Maybe you get excited up at Make Out Point but decide to get home to seal the deal.

Or maybe you just go for a drive and turn it into a sexy date.

All it takes is an unzipping of the pants and going down on your man while he drives. 

Just don’t cause any accidents.

Change it up

Chances are that, after all this time together, you have a few positions that are pretty standard.

Change it up and try something new (or even something less frequent).

Try straddling him on the couch, bending over in the kitchen, on your hands and knees in the shower… there’s so many different positions you can try to keep the excitement levels high.

You could even write down different positions on pieces of paper, fold them over and put them in a jar, and pull out the position for the date.

Rub down

Woman straddling her partner on the bed, giving him a massage. The suggestion in this post of sexy ideas for couples is to do this with no clothes on but for the sake of decency the image has them wearing pajamas.

It’s an oldie but a goodie – the naked rub down.

Get your clothes off and then take turns giving each other the kind of massage that would be illegal for any reputable massage therapist.

Dirty dancing

Try some dirty dancing to a sexy soundtrack.

Wear sheer clothing and let your body work its magic.

As the song goes on start to get REALLY dirty – rub yourself against him, touch each other, and see if you or the song can finish first.

Reverse it

Years ago when I used to write romance novels, I remember one of my writing pals telling me that the best bedroom scenes where ones where the heroine and hero were the opposite in bed to how they appeared in real life.

For example, the tough, takes-care-of-everything heroine might love to have her partner take total charge.

Change up your usual manner in bed and see how it feels.

9 1/2 weeks

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the intense publicity the film 9 1/2 weeks generated many, many years ago now.

(I would like to add that I was not old enough to see it when it first came out. That came a few years later).

There’s a scene in the movie where Elizabeth is blindfolded and has her hands tied. John unbuttons her shirt and then teases her with an ice cube. 

After some fun with the ice, they go to the kitchen and he feeds her lots of food from the fridge (she’s still blindfolded). I can’t actually remember much of what happens next except I recall thinking they were making a heck of a mess.

Have fun re-enacting any or all of this steamy scene from the movie. for your next sexy date night.

And maybe shut the fridge door, because if you’re is anything like ours, it starts emitting a loud beeping sound once the temperature changes which is kind of off-putting.

Go voyeur

If you’re comfortable with this, why not watch something a little erotic to spice things up?

Personally I wouldn’t be hunting out anything LIVE but there’s plenty available from the comfort of your own home if you get what I mean.

Dress up

Woman wearing beautiful lingerie while sitting on her husband's lap: one of the erotic date ideas..

Remember back when you owned – and wore – sexy lingerie?

I think the last time I did was my wedding day.

Splurge on some beautiful and sexy lingerie. Remember, men like visual stimulation and think we are desirable as all get out even when we might be feeling a few pounds heavier than we’d like.

Have fun with this simple yet effective erotic date idea.


Take a trip to a one those special shops or check out online offerings.

Then have fun playing with your new toys.

Just remember to share!

The explorer

When was the last time you explored every inch of your partner’s body?

Take your time with your hands and your mouth. Ask for feedback (or just try and read the signs).

Finish before the show begins

When was the last time you finished without actually making love?

When was the last time your lover used his hands or mouth to get you off as opposed to a just being quick bit of foreplay?

Make it a challenge to bring each other to the Big O without actually making love.

Time after time

When do you usually make love? At night just before you go to bed?

In the morning?

A quickie in the afternoon?

Whatever is your usual, change it up by trying a new time of day.

The pick up

A couple on a date pretending they are meeting for the first time: fantasy ideas for couples.

This sexy date idea got its inspiration from Phil and Claire (or should that be Clive and Julianna) way back in the “My funky Valentine” episode of Modern Family.

Dress up and go out to town, then separate outside the bar or wherever you plan to go.

Imagine you’re meeting each other for the first time. After having a drink, go to the hotel that one of you have booked so it’s a surprise for the other one.

Enjoy your “first time.”

Summing up

Date nights are important for every marriage and intimacy is important too.

Mix them together with these 20 sexy date ideas for couples that are sure to put the spice back into your relationship.

(And since you’re the adventurous kind, you might also like these adventurous date ideas!)

Enjoyed these date ideas and want more? Try these date ideas for couples.

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Monday 29th of November 2021

Unfortunately, my wife would never agree to do any of this :(


Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Sorry to hear that Sadman. Perhaps suggest something more romantic to start? Did you see my romantic date ideas?

Gail Crowder

Sunday 3rd of November 2019

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!


Thursday 7th of November 2019

You're welcome Gail!

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