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25 Christmas date ideas

Looking for a fun date night activity to do this Christmas? Check out these Christmas date ideas.

A couple shopping outside together after reading these Christmas date ideas

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There’s something about the smell of hot chocolate, the warm, flickering lights on the trees, and the jingly Christmas tunes that make you feel all warm and cozy inside – what more could you ask for other than a large helping of love?

Christmas time is the perfect time for cozy, romantic dates that ooze with Christmas charm.

Add some romance to your Christmas season with these Christmas date ideas.

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Ask Christmas questions

A couple asking each other Christmas questions after reading these Christmas date ideas

Asking each other questions is a fun way to learn more about each other.

These questions are all about Christmas, so you can get a greater understanding of your partner’s thoughts and feelings about the season. Check them out for a fun Christmas activity.

If you want more Christmas questions, try Never have I ever Christmas questions and Would you rather: Christmas edition.

Attend an evening of Christmas carols

A music sheet found after attending an evening of Christmas carols after reading these Christmas date ideas

Get your search skills on, and look for Christmas carol performances near you.

If you’re in luck, you’ll find one with a supper by candlelight afterwards, which makes for a romantic Christmas date.

Bake a family classic

Three gingerbread cookies baked after reading these Christmas date ideas

Maybe Aunt Gertrude always whips up a Christmas trifle that has everyone talking.

Or your husband’s mom makes a legendary sticky toffee pudding.

Ask for the old family recipe and have a fun night recreating it.

You never know – yours might be better than the original!

Check out the Christmas lights

A house filled with Christmas lights, visited after reading these Christmas date ideas

It’s not an original idea – but it’s a cliche for a reason – it’s one of the most magical Christmas dates around.

Most towns have a map of the local Christmas lights. Decide on your route, make some hot chocolate and put it in a thermos, and then get in the car.

You can add some fun to the evening by evaluating each of the displays out of 10.

Cook a Christmas meal for two

A decorated plate to for a meal made after reading these Christmas date ideas

Whether you’re after a Christmas meal experience without the out-laws sniping at each other in the living room, or you just want some Christmas-themed food before the big day, check out these Christmas dinner for two recipes.

Create a Christmas scavenger hunt

A couple doing a scavenger hunt after reading these Christmas date ideas

Make a list together of 25 things you could see (or hear!) Christmas related and then go find them together.

Options include:

  1. Christmas window display
  2. Mall Santa
  3. Silent night playing
  4. Snowman
  5. Gift wrapping station
  6. Christmas stocking
  7. Icicle lights
  8. Jingle Bells playing
  9. Gingerbread house
  10. Wreath on a front door
  11. Someone saying, “ho ho ho”
  12. Group of carolers
  13. A nutcracker
  14. Christmas tree
  15. North pole sign
  16. Nativity scene
  17. Christmas sleigh
  18. Candy canes
  19. Mistletoe
  20. Reindeer decorations
  21. Someone wearing a Santa hat
  22. An elf on a shelf
  23. Christmas gift
  24. Snowflakes
  25. An ugly Christmas sweater

Create your own couple’s advent calendar

An advent calendar made after reading these Christmas date ideas

No need for the kids to have all the fun!

You can make your own Christmas advent calendar fillers for adults.

Spend an evening working out exactly what you’re going to do for your calendar and getting the equipment and gifts necessary OR organize these in advance and then get everything assembled and ready for December the 1st.

You’ll spend the evening working alongside each other, so some covert action will be required to ensure you don’t spoil all your surprises!

Alternatively, purchase a premade advent calendar.

You could take turns writing in 12 Christmas date ideas or other Christmas activities for couples each and pop each slip of paper behind a door.

The other option is to write your Christmas questions on to paper and then have these behind the door.

Decorate a gingerbread house

A gingerbread house made after reading these Christmas date ideas

This Christmas date can range from the simple to sophisticated.

Have a fun evening decorating your own gingerbread house… you can even eat it afterwards!

You can buy premade kits (though I recommend buying them from your local store if possible and checking the pieces before you start your Christmas activity – too many that are shipped come with broken pieces).

If you want to make it from scratch, then head over here – and note that there is some prep work required.

Do a cookie exchange

A box of Christmas cookies baked after reading these Christmas date ideas

If a gingerbread house seems too complicated, there are easier options.

Why not make a batch of Christmas cookies, then as a fun Christmas double date idea, get together with friends and share your tasty treats in a cookie exchange?

Develop a new couple’s tradition

A woman kissing the man's cheeks while covering his eyes, the couple making a new tradition after reading these Christmas date ideas

What’s better than these Christmas date ideas?

How about developing some Christmas traditions for couples -simple acts you do every year that create not only a sense of anticipation for the holiday season but also shared meaning?

These suggestions for Christmas traditions include ones from other countries. Pick a tradition to try for your next Christmas date to see if it makes the cut for a tradition to come.

Experience a Christmas menu at your favorite restaurant

A table filled with food and Christmas decorations, prepared after reading these Christmas date ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas date ideas that are simple and easy, then many restaurants offer a special Christmas menu leading up to Christmas Day – and on Christmas Day itself if that’s your jam.

Go let someone else do the work this Christmas!

Go ice skating

A couple skating together after reading these Christmas date ideas

Oh, is there anything more romantic-looking than couple’s hand in hand, wrapped up warm, gliding over the ice?

Add in a crisp and clear night, twinkling lights and the sound of Christmas carols playing over the speakers… you’re smiling already thinking about it, aren’t you?

The reality is that ice skating isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is a whole lot of fun!

Check out these tips on how to ice skate for the first time before you go check out this fun Christmas date idea.

Have a hot chocolate “making and tasting” session

A hot chocolate prepared after reading these Christmas date ideas

This Christmas date can take place over several nights and is a fun Christmas activity to add to another date, such as the romantic movies below.

Read through these hot chocolate recipes and select 5 each that you’d like to make.

Pick one recipe each per date, otherwise you’ll end up in a chocolate coma, unable to do anything.

Make your recipe, ensuring you have enough for a cup each.

Then rank the recipe on the following aspects from poor to excellent (I suggest a 5 point scale):

  1. Chocolately aroma
  2. Drink texture
  3. Sweetness
  4. Chocolate taste
  5. Satisfaction

Keep the recipes of your winners for future years!

Have an indoor Christmas picnic

A set of Christmas snacks made after reading these Christmas date ideas

Pop on your Christmas pajamas, pop a blanket in front of the fireplace and whip up some Christmas finger foods and appetizers that you can eat with ease.

Put on the Christmas music, dim the lights, and enjoy.

Head off to a secluded cabin

A secluded cabin visited after reading these Christmas date ideas

Turn your Christmas date into a weekend getaway.

Before the craziness of the season catches up with you, this is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together.

You can cuddle by the fire and take long walks in the snow.

Make it a no-technology time and take the books and board games instead.

Hit up a local Christmas market

A happy couple at a Christmas market after reading these Christmas date ideas

Put your jackets and scarves on and head on down to your local Christmas market.

You could find small gifts, gourmet treats, and other Christmas-inspired goodness.

Make a Christmas bucket list

A woman making a Christmas bucket list after reading these Christmas date ideas

Hmm seems crazy right? Spending a Christmas date working out what to do on another Christmas?

However anticipating things in the future is one way to increase happiness.

So head over to Christmas bucket list ideas and spend the evening going through the options and making your own personalized list.

Make a You tube Christmas music playlist

A couple dancing on the playlist they created after reading these Christmas date ideas

Time to share your old favorites!

Create your own playlist prior to your date, then sit down together and watch each other’s selections, or dance them out.

Mine wouldn’t be complete without Snoopy’s Christmas and Fairytale of New York.

Pick then decorate your own Christmas tree

A happy couple decorating their Christmas tree after reading these Christmas date ideas

There’s something about the sight and smell of a live tree that can’t be beat.

Visit a Christmas tree farm and select your own tree.

Once you get it home, continue your date with decorating it.

Play Christmas board games

A "Merry Christmas" spelled using scrabble letters with ornaments at the bottom, made after reading these Christmas date ideas

This is one of those Christmas date ideas that works for couples, or for a larger group date.

Grab a pile of Christmas board games and have a fun games night. You’ll want to include Christmas themed versions of classics like Christmas-opoly and super simple games like Christmas bingo.

You can find Christmas board games here.

Say “cheese”

A set of photo booth props made after reading these Christmas date ideas

Grab these Christmas photo booth props and have a fun evening taking some silly selfies.

Alternatively try these couple’s Christmas photo shoot ideas.

Sleep under the Christmas tree

A Christmas tree placed beside the bed after reading these Christmas date ideas

Set up a slumber party for two in your living room!

Make sure you have something comfortable to sleep on. Get into your Christmas pajamas and snuggle in together, watching the lights as you fall asleep.

Take in a Christmas concert

A band during a Christmas concert: Christmas date ideas

Spend the evening being entertained at a local Christmas concert.

Whether it’s a local dance school, Church production, or town event, you’ll be sure to find a Christmas concert near you.

Try a Christmas cooking class

A set of cooking ingredients for a cooking class enrolled to after reading these Christmas date ideas

Search for Christmas cooking classes near you or in your town – you’ll be surprised at what comes up.

Find the class which appeals to you both and head off for this creative Christmas date idea.

Watch some romantic Christmas movies

A couple watching a Christmas movie after reading these Christmas date ideas

Turn off the lights, so the room is only lit up by the Christmas tree.

Cuddle on the couch and then pop on one of these romantic Christmas movies.

It’s a simple and easy way to relax and enjoy some time together – plus get all the romantic feels!

Christmas isn’t only for the kids. These Christmas activities for couples will bring back the magic you felt when you were a child.

Why not try one of these Christmas date ideas every night in December leading up to and including Christmas Day?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.