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Easy trifle recipes to serve this Christmas

Trifle is a Christmas dessert guaranteed to look amazing with minimal effort. Make trifle the star of the show this Christmas with these easy trifle recipes.

Oreo trifles with candy canes made after reading these easy trifle recipes to serve this Christmas

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I had an interesting childhood with its fair share of adverse childhood experiences, but one of my positive memories is the year I asked my grandmother to make two trifles for my birthday: one for me and one for everyone else. She duly complied.

I was only seven or eight but I ate every last bite.

Looking back, Nana’s version wasn’t the most elegant of concoctions. There was sponge, jelly, custard, peaches, cream, and of course lashings of sherry, all kind of slapped together in a bowl.

But it tasted divine, and was responsible for a love of trifle that continues to this day. More than that, it created a meaningful connection between a simple dessert and a happy childhood memory, between my present and my past self.

The first Christmas I hosted, I made trifle.

I’m not going to lie – it looked amazing, and it tastes good (if not better) than Nana’s efforts. I whipped it up again for a neighborhood Christmas in July and received high praise. And yet it was super simple to make.

That’s when I was sold not only as a trifle consumer but also as a trifle creator!

If the ease and visual appeal of the trifle wasn’t enough to persuade you to try it for your Christmas this year, add the fact trifles taste best when they are at LEAST one day old, making it the perfect make-ahead dessert.

To make your trifles look their best, you’ll want a trifle bowl like this:

Anchor Hocking large trifle bowl

This large trifle bowl helps make your trifle the star of the show with its straight sides that allow for a beautiful presentation. It's a must-have bowl for your Christmas dessert.

07/21/2024 05:47 pm GMT

So if you’re looking for an easy Christmas dessert then why not give one of these easy trifle recipes a go?

Your taste-buds will thank you.

Christmas trifle recipes

A trifle is a British dessert. Traditionally, it is made with sponge, custard, jelly and cream.

These Christmas trifle recipes range from traditional versions to tasty variations, such as brownie instead of sponge, the addition of fruits and puddings and more.

Check out these easy trifle recipes for your Christmas dessert menu.

Classic trifle recipes

Chocolate trifle recipes

Chocolate lovers will love these trifle recipes which feature brownie instead of traditional sponge or pound cake.

Mini trifle recipes

Although I struggle to think of a situation where you WOULDN'T want a large bowl of trifle, here are some super delicious individual trifle recipes.

Whether you’re planning Christmas with the whole family or a Christmas dinner for two, start something new this Christmas by making one of these easy trifle recipes.

In years to come, one of YOUR granddaughters might be asking you if you could please make a trifle just for her for her birthday!

(Why not add making a trifle to your Christmas bucket list?).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.