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Heartwarming words to describe your husband

Wanting to give your husband a boost? Describe him to others? Think of special words for a card or other occasion? These words to describe your husband are perfect for a variety of situations.

A sweet couple in a hug, the man lifting the woman, while the woman looks at him and tells heartwarming words to describe her husband

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Words are incredibly powerful. The right words at the right time have the power to help and heal. They can help us reframe situations or give us a much needed boost.

You’ll know this already if words of affirmation happen to be your love language or that of your spouse.

I discovered that words of affirmation was my son’s primary love language when he was in his teens and I can still see how important they are to him by the care he shows when writing in birthday or Christmas cards. Watch out if I don’t take similar care!

He’s also the kind of person that examines the writing inside the card, whereas I’m all about the picture.

This helps me gain a greater appreciation for the importance of words in all my meaningful relationships, including that with my husband.

You can use these words to describe your husband in a variety of ways from the everyday to the super special:

  • text them to him in a Good morning message when he goes off to work early
  • write them on a post it which you stick on the bathroom mirror or in the car
  • write them in a card
  • do a fun list of all his positive qualities
  • use them in a list of reasons why you love him
  • use them when renewing your vows
A couple hugging by the lake, the woman saying words describing related to appearance to her husband after reading these Heartwarming messages for him

Yes maybe it’s a little superficial to focus on appearance – but most of us still love it when we’re complimented on how we look.

Why not tell your husband how hot and handsome (or any other of these words) you find him tonight?

  1. appealing
  2. attractive
  3. beautiful
  4. buff
  5. captivating
  6. cute
  7. delectable
  8. delicious
  9. gorgeous
  10. handsome
  11. hot
  12. muscular
  13. ripped
  14. strong
  15. tasty

Maybe you want to focus on those traits of your husband you love so much.

Is it his adventurous, assertive and driven nature that makes your heart beat faster for him?

Or is how articulate and courageous he is even in tough situations?

So here’s a list of 60 words to describe someone you love – read through and pick three words that sum him up the most! (My words for Ben would be patient, gentle and caring).

  1. accepting
  2. adventurous
  3. affectionate
  4. articulate
  5. assertive
  6. attentive
  7. authentic
  8. careful
  9. caring
  10. charming
  11. compassionate
  12. committed
  13. confident
  14. considerate
  15. courageous
  16. dedicated
  17. deliberate
  18. dependable
  19. determined
  20. driven
  21. easy-going
  22. empathetic
  23. energetic
  24. enthusiastic
  25. faithful
  26. friendly
  27. fun
  28. generous
  29. gentle
  30. gregarious
  31. hardworking
  32. helpful
  33. hilarious
  34. honest
  35. intelligent
  36. kind
  37. kissable
  38. knowledgeable
  39. likable
  40. loyal
  41. loving
  42. magnetic
  43. nice
  44. outgoing
  45. passionate
  46. patient
  47. quiet
  48. reliable
  49. respectful
  50. romantic
  51. sensitive
  52. sincere
  53. supportive
  54. sweet
  55. thoughtful
  56. trustworthy
  57. understanding
  58. vibrant
  59. warm
  60. witty
A couple intimately hugging each other by the river, the woman whispering heartwarming words describing her husband

As well as focusing on his appearance and his personality, you might also like words to describe your husband that are focused on what he means to you.

  1. beloved
  2. best friend
  3. blessing
  4. champion
  5. companion
  6. compatible
  7. complementary
  8. confidante
  9. family man
  10. helpmate
  11. helpmeet
  12. irreplaceable
  13. kindred soul
  14. kindred spirit
  15. life partner
  16. light of my life
  17. lovable
  18. love of my life
  19. lover
  20. makes life wonderful
  21. mine
  22. my happiness
  23. my other half
  24. my sunshine
  25. one true love
  26. protector
  27. soul mate
  28. special
  29. teammate
  30. true love

These words to describe your husband are perfect for a variety of situations. Whether you’re wanting to text him something sweet, write him a loving note, or prepare words for a more formal occasion, you’ll find something here.

Give your husband a boost by sharing some of these positive words with him today.

(And if you want more, check out these 250 words to describe someone you love).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.