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Anniversary questions for couples

Wanting a unique way to celebrate your anniversary? Try asking these anniversary questions for couples. You’ll create an original and meaningful record of your life together while also providing direction for an amazing life ahead.

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Of all the days in the calendar year, none is perhaps more meaningful than your anniversary – be it the day you became a couple or the day you got married (in our house we like to mark both!).

There are many things you can do to celebrate your anniversary from a simple breakfast in bed through to a romantic getaway. But have you ever considered asking each other questions – questions that will help you not only deepen your connection but also give you practical ideas for making your life together even better?

If you think that sounds like a fabulous idea, then you’re in luck.

These anniversary questions for couples are designed to focus on the year you’ve just had and to think about the year ahead. They’re a mixture of reflection, fun, and seriousness.

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Record your questions and answers in a journal that you can reflect on and add to every year (even write your answers in them first before you share them with each other).

(These romantic questions for couples are also great to incorporate in your anniversary discussion).

Moments in time

Couple kissing each other while on the merry go round.

These questions are focused on moments in time that you experienced over the last year that had an impact on you both individually and as a couple.

  1. What’s your favorite memory of the last year together?
  2. What’s your least favorite memory of the last year together?
  3. What was your favorite date together last year?
  4. What was a date that didn’t work out quite as you’d hoped?
  5. What vacation did you enjoy the most and why?
  6. What celebration stood out to you the most?
  7. What was terrible at the time but you laugh about now?
  8. What life event occurred this year that had the most impact on you?
  9. What’s the greatest achievement you experienced?
  10. If you could relive one day of the last year, which one would it be and why?

Working together

A couple talking together outside about these anniversary questions.

These questions are designed to help you think about how you can best work together based on part experience, so you can take that knowledge to craft an even more satisfying life.

  1. What worked really well last year – not in our relationship specifically, but in life in general?
  2. What made last year challenging?
  3. How have we grown as a couple in this last year?
  4. When we were a great team, what were we doing?
  5. When was a time we didn’t work together so well?
  6. Looking back, how could we have handled the situation differently?
  7. What’s our greatest strength as a couple?
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with our lives right now?
  9. What actions did we take over our last year together that contributed to that happiness?
  10. What actions dropped the scale back?
  11. How did we handle conflict this last year?
  12. What could we do to handle conflict better?

Start and stop

A lovely couple sitting down to pet their dog, while happily looking at each other

As a couple, you’ll develop habits and practices. Some of these may serve you – others not so much. These anniversary questions will help you point a critical eye to things you may need to start or stop doing – or will give you clues as to the right direction to move in.

  1. What did we start doing last year that you’d like us to continue?
  2. What did we stop doing last year that you’d like to bring back?
  3. What habits would you like to start?
  4. What bad habits have we developed that need to stop?
  5. What’s a new thing you would like us to start?
  6. What’s a thing you would like us to stop?
  7. What’s the one thing we started doing as a couple that’s had the most impact on our relationship?
  8. What did we stop doing long ago that you really miss?
  9. If there’s one thing I could stop doing that would make you happier, what would it be?
  10. If there’s one thing you could stop doing that would make us happier as a couple, what would it be?

Memories of me

Couple dancing in the kitchen.

Having appreciation and gratitude for each other is key to relationship satisfaction. These questions will help create all the warm feels.

  1. What did you learn about me last year?
  2. When were you most proud of me last year?
  3. What most positive trait of mine came out last year?
  4. When was I at my best?
  5. What was the kindest thing I did for you?
  6. What’s something new you learnt about me this last year?
  7. What memory of us in bed together stands out the most?
  8. What qualities of mine do you appreciate the most?
  9. How have I shown you I love you this past year?
  10. What’s something positive I’ve done that’s really made a difference in our marriage?

Fun anniversary questions

A couple laughing together, the woman on a piggy back ride, reflecting on their fun anniversary questions.

Having fun, experiencing new things, and embracing what life has to offer can bring new life into a stale relationship. Here’s your chance to ask each other some key questions about fun times.

  1. What was our most embarrassing moment as a couple?
  2. When did I make you laugh the hardest?
  3. What’s some fun sayings we developed this last year?
  4. What was the most fun moment we had together?
  5. When did you feel pure enjoyment?
  6. What fun things would you like to make a regular part of our lives?
  7. What’s the 10 best ways you can think of to celebrate future anniversaries?
  8. Which one of them should we lock in for next year?

Looking forward

Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower: a goal identified through asking anniversary questions.

Having a sense of hope and anticipation for the future makes you a happier person and together a happier couple. These questions will help you look forward to an enriching and exciting year ahead.

  1. What would you like to try in the bedroom this year?
  2. What life admin or chores would you like to change up?
  3. What would you like to change about our financial position?
  4. What’s something we could learn together this next year?
  5. What items should we add to our couple’s bucket list?
  6. What goals should we set for the year ahead as a couple?
  7. What three things would make our relationship even better?
  8. Imagine we’re living our best lives together in 5 years’ time. What are we doing?
  9. What do we need to do to close the gap between now and then?
  10. What should we commit to for the next year ahead?

Keeping curious and interested in your spouse and their thoughts, beliefs, and desires is a great way to maintain connection.

These anniversary questions for couples can be used every year to

  • look back on the past and the moments that had an impact on your relationship
  • learn what you did that made your partner feel loved
  • focus on how you worked together well and what you can take from that moving into the future
  • top up that bucket list and set some goals that inspire you.

With these anniversary questions for couples you can make every anniversary the opportunity to not only congratulate each other on your fabulous choice in partner but also to keep growing as a couple. Could there be a better gift?

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Friday 16th of December 2022

Gonna type this out for my BF and I to fill out for our 2 year anniversary this weekend!


Friday 13th of January 2023

Hope you had a blast!


Saturday 18th of July 2020

The question was cool, the best question to ask couple or couples asking themselves. Thumbs up.


Sunday 19th of July 2020

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

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