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Seeing double: How to create a couples vision board

Take your vision boarding skills to the next level by creating a couples vision board with your loved one.

A happy couple laying down the bed both holding each other's faces: seeing double - couple's vision board

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Chances are that the concept of a vision board is not new to you.

But on the off chance it is, a vision board is a visual representation of all the things you desire and as such is a tool that you can use to manifest your dream life.

And while you may have thought of creating, or have created a vision board by yourself, you may not have thought of creating one as a couple.

I started thinking about a couples vision board when my husband and I found ourselves – not in a rut so much – but in a place where we were starting to have it all figured out (as much as you can with you know, life).

We were living in an area we loved. We had our home and while it needed redecorating, we weren’t ready for that yet. We had changed careers and were working in jobs that gave us the work-live balance that had been so missing when we were in teaching.

And things started to feel kind of boring.

Humans are designed for growth. It’s a fundamental characteristic – if it weren’t, we’d still be living in caves.

And while having a stable foundation is important, it’s a foundation. You’re meant to use it to build other things on.

So I started talking more about our goals and what we could set our sights on next.

I’m also into manifestation and I love journaling around the manifestation process. I knew a vision board could be a powerful tool to capturing the “be-ing” of who we wanted to become as a couple as well as identify things we would like to do and have as well.

Hence the idea of a couples vision board was born.

Benefits of creating a couples vision board

Polaroid pictures of a couple spread out with little sparkly circles surrounding it, prepared after reading these seeing double - couples vision board

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about all the ways creating a couples vision board can be beneficial for your relationship, if my own experience hasn’t sold you on it yet.

  1. Increased communication: When you create a vision board together, you’ll be communicating about your goals and dreams. This can help you deepen your understanding of each other and learn more about what drives your partner
  2. Shared goals: Creating a couples vision board allows you to visualize your shared goals and dreams. When you’re both working towards the same things, it can be incredibly powerful and motivating
  3. Accountability: When you have a visual representation of your goals, it’s easier to hold each other accountable. You can check in with each other and make sure you’re both making progress towards your shared vision
  4. Positive energy: Creating a vision board together can be a fun and uplifting experience. It’s a chance to focus on the positive things in your relationship and in your lives. In addition, that positive energy helps to move you towards that new reality

Steps to creating a couples vision board

A woman working on a vision board after reading these seeing double - couples vision board

Now you’re sold on the benefits of creating a couples vision board, let’s talk about how to actually create one. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Gather your supplies

To create your vision board, you’ll need a few supplies:

Step 2: Set your intentions

Before you start cutting out images and words, take some time to set your intentions for your vision board.

Think about, discuss, then write these things down before you create your board:

  1. When you visualize being your favorite selves, what’s your “be-do-have?” That is, in this version of you, who are you being? What are you doing? What do you have in your life?
  2. What will being, doing and having these things get you?
  3. And how will getting those things make you feel?

You might also like to go through these ideas for rituals of connection, marriage goals and / or hobbies for couples and see how they tie in to this vision of the future you that you are creating.

Step 3: Find images and words

Now it’s time to start searching for images and words that represent your goals and dreams.

As you look, channel those specific feelings that you mentioned above – so the feeling of freedom, say, when you think about chucking it all in and touring the country in your RV.

If you’re scanning through magazines, you will know an image or words are right when you pause on them but you’re not 100% sure why.

Once you’ve had that first pass, you may more intentionally search for those things that represent the life you want to create together by searching the interwebs and printing out the things.

You can also draw if your attempts don’t look like the work of a three year old.

Step 4: Cut and paste

Once you have your images and words, it’s time to start cutting and pasting them onto your board.

Don’t worry too much about making it look perfect – this is all about the process, not the end result.

If you have categories, you may choose to group them together or have them all mixed up.

As you work together, talk about why each image or word is important to you and how it connects to that be-do-have you’ve considered as a couple.

Step 5: Add your own touches

Once you’ve pasted all of your images and words onto the board, you can add your own personal touches.

Use markers or pens to write down quotes, add doodles, or draw symbols that are meaningful to you both.

Step 6: Display your board

Once your board is complete, it’s time to display it somewhere prominent.

I’m all for it being in the work from home space or in a common area in your home. The idea is to have a visual reminder of your shared vision and goals that you can refer to regularly.

Using your couples vision board

A couple looking at their vision board together

Congratulations, you’ve created your very own couples vision board! But what do you do with it now? Here are some tips on how to use your board:

  1. Check in regularly: Set aside some time each month to check in with each other about your progress towards your shared goals. Use your vision board as a starting point for the conversation. Alternatively, you could discuss it at your weekly relationship meeting
  2. Visualize together: Spend some time each day visualizing your shared goals and dreams. You can do this individually or together, but the idea is to keep your vision board top of mind.
  3. Be the board: Reflect on the couple who has all the things you want on your board and remember your pre-work where you thought about who they were being. Consider what new habits, thoughts, and beliefs you could embody to make your board a reality.
  4. Take action: Use your vision board as a guide for taking action towards your shared goals. If there’s something on your board that you want to achieve or get, break it down into smaller steps and start taking action towards it.
  5. Celebrate your wins: When you achieve or get something on your vision board, take time to celebrate it together. This will help you stay motivated and inspired to keep working towards your shared goals.

Creating a couples vision board can be an incredibly powerful way to strengthen your relationship by working towards your shared goals and by creating some manifesting goodness.

By focusing on the vision of your favorite selves, living your favorite lives, surrounded by your favorite things, you’ll be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

So why not give it a try? Gather your supplies, set your intentions, and start creating your very own couples vision board today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.