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25 rhubarb desserts: So good, you’ll want to make them all

From classic recipes to creative creations, these rhubarb desserts make the most of this tart and tangy fruit.

Rhubarb and strawberry crumble made after reading these rhubarb desserts

Rhubarb is a fruit (well, a vegetable) that always makes me think of my grandmother.

Nanna was an interesting woman, and, as is the case for all those parental figures in my life, my appreciation of their accomplishments and efforts only grows more impressive to me with time.

Nanna was widowed young and maintained the family business (fruit and vegetable exports) until she retired.

When we were children we spent a lot of time living with Nanna or in the original family home that was still on the property, separated by the large packing shed, and smaller packing shed and accommodation for workers.

Despite running her business, Nanna still cooked (badly) every night. Dinner was always followed by dessert and we always ate together as our odd little family.

Nanna’s shelves were full of preserves, and my favorite dessert was when she’d pull out a jar of stewed rhubarb and heat it up, along with making some custard. I always loved the slightly tart taste.

It’s been decades since those days, yet the memories remain, so much so, that I decided this year one of my 50 for 50 list items would be to recreate this childhood dessert.

This sent me down the rabbit hole of rhubarb desserts – because it turns out there’s an awful lot of things you can make with rhubarb.

Now my original plan to make stewed rhubarb and custard has become so much more.

Enjoy this collection of rhubarb desserts and maybe you’ll make some family memories of your own.

Rhubarb desserts

These rhubarb desserts make the perfect spring or summer dessert.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.