How being organized saves you thousands.featured

Picture this. You’ve just finished a late work meeting, when you remember you still haven’t got your mum a present and it’s her birthday in two days. You race into town and buy a book you know she wants. You’ve seen it on sale at another store, but you can’t make it there before closing Read more


Reset your Sunday and beat the Sunday blues.featured

The weekends always seem to go too fast, and despite all the best intentions, Sunday seems to be the day which is jam-packed with all the household tasks that didn’t get done during the week. Then it’s thinking forward to the week ahead with doing the laundry, ironing clothes, and food shopping. Little wonder that Read more

Keep a tidy home with the one-minute rule.featured

If you’re anything like me, you have a few little piles dotted around the house. Cups on benches. Clothes on the floor. Mail on the countertops. These little piles eventually add up, till the house feels like a mess. But at last, I have a solution. The one-minute rule is so simple, yet sticking to Read more


25 of the best quality time date ideas.featured

My love language is quality time. My second is physical touch. It’s the same for my husband but in reverse. That’s why most nights, when we are having some down-time, you can find us on the couch with me stretched across it, getting a leg rub. Don’t worry, he wins here too, because as long Read more


Clutter-no-more: How to declutter your bathroom.featured

There’s three near-empty shampoo bottles in the shower, several slivers of soap and enough body washes for each member of your family… times two. And even though you can see the trio of glittery eyeshadows and some caked-up mascara that first saw daylight in the 80s, you still can’t find your eyeliner. You know you Read more


Why my word for the year is HABIT.featured

Kindness? Compassion? Health? When I saw the “word of the year” idea on both various blogs I follow and groups I belong to, I knew that was something I just had to do. I’m soon-to-be 43 and for most of my life I’ve set goals and created plans to achieve them. This is never more Read more


10 ways to keep your home tidy.featured

For many years, I had a cleaner, but when the children left home and we had a ton of expenses around supporting them, it became a cost we could no longer justify. Having a cleaner was awesome on many levels. But there was one level on which it was not- for the cleaner to clean, Read more


How to redefine work-life balance.featured

Work-life balance. It’s a loaded term. I still remember a time a few years ago when I was at my dad’s for dinner, which showed to me its dangers. At this dinner was my sister-in-law, who had no children but was thinking about it. For some reason, the discussion turned to working mothers. My sister-in-law Read more

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