How to get your husband to help around the house.featured

There’s a classic scene from the 2006 movie, The Breakup. Jennifer Aniston’s character has just finished saying goodbye to the last guest, and is heading into the kitchen to do the dishes, after a day spent working, cleaning the house, and cooking the meal. Meanwhile, her partner has kicked back on the sofa and is Read more


How to get your habits back on track.featured

Cast your mind back to the first of January this year. It’s been some time now, but if you were anything like me, back then you made a slew of resolutions designed to create a new you that was healthier, more productive, and just all round better. I even wrote about my goals in Why Read more


10 tips for a better night’s sleep.featured

There’s a reason why Shakespeare had Macbeth freak out at the thought of sleeping no more. Sleep deprivation, after all, is a form of torture. And it’s one I can relate to all too well- you too, I’m guessing, or you wouldn’t be here. Throughout my life, I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with sleep. As Read more


How being organized saves you thousands.featured

Picture this. You’ve just finished a late work meeting, when you remember you still haven’t got your mum a present and it’s her birthday in two days. You race into town and buy a book you know she wants. You’ve seen it on sale at another store, but you can’t make it there before closing Read more


Reset your Sunday and beat the Sunday blues.featured

The weekends always seem to go too fast, and despite all the best intentions, Sunday seems to be the day which is jam-packed with all the household tasks that didn’t get done during the week. Then it’s thinking forward to the week ahead with doing the laundry, ironing clothes, and food shopping. Little wonder that Read more


Keep a tidy home with the one-minute rule.featured

If you’re anything like me, you have a few little piles dotted around the house. Cups on benches. Clothes on the floor. Mail on the countertops. These little piles eventually add up, till the house feels like a mess. But at last, I have a solution. The one-minute rule is so simple, yet sticking to Read more


Mess no more: How to organize your fridge.featured

Imagine this. You open your fridge, and are greeted with a jumbled array of products. There’s five tubs of sour cream, all in various stages of use, some leftovers you think might have been there since Christmas, and to top it all off, one of the drink bottles was left on its side and has Read more

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