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Gifts for organized people

Looking for some gifts for organized people? These functional, practical and also beautiful ideas are the perfect organizer gifts.

A wrapped gift on a blue background with the text overlay Gifts for organized people

If you have an organized person in your life, you’ll know they are a controlled flurry of systems, rules and beliefs.

These very qualities make them super easy to buy for when it comes to important times of the year such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

Anything that will help them in their quest for the most organized life possible is sure to be a success!

(In fact chances are, if you’re an organized person, you’ve reading this article for yourself, because you’re the kind of person who hates to be given a purposeless gift. After reading it, you’ll pass it on to your nearest and dearest highlighting what you like).

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Below you’ll find the best gifts for organized people: gifts that are purposeful, useful and also often attractive – because the organized person loves things to be pleasing to the eye!

Know a book lover? Try these gift ideas for book lovers.

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Gifts for planners

The organizer always has a plan and that plan is usually in a planner!

For this reason, a planner is an excellent gift for the organized person, particularly if they are still on the hunt for their holy grail of planners.

Planners can range from simple dotted notebooks to use when bullet journaling to more sophisticated planners which include goal setting sheets, quotes, you name it!

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The planner for creatives: Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal

The Leuchtturm1917 medium A5 dotted hardcover notebook is my recommended pick of planners for organized people who like total creative control over their planner.

This is the bullet journal notebook used by the founder of bullet journals himself, Ryder Carroll.

With 249 numbered pages of bleed-proof (this is super important!), dotted paper, there's plenty of room for your organizer to plan to their heart's content.

Pluses include a table of contents, an expandable inner pocket, and a page marker.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
The minimalist planner: Monthly planner

This monthly planner is perfect for women who don't need to break down their day into blocks but simply want to use the month overview for key tasks.

With this planner you can set and reach your monthly goals, win at budgeting, plan special projects & more! 

Like other Erin Condren products, the monthly planner has a huge range of customization options, from covers, to inside colors and more.

The splurge planner: Erin Condren life planner

I don't think there can be a better planner than the Erin Condren Life Planner.

It can be customized in several ways: for example, you can choose from a huge variety of covers, personalize it with your name, select from different coil colors and choose from different weekly layouts: vertical, horizontal & hourly.

The latter is key if your organizer works outside the home, because in that case, hourly layouts are essentially a waste of time - so much of the day can't be filled out (I found this out from personal experience when I splurged on another similarly priced planner).

However the vertical layout in particular allows you to time block the sections of the day that are your own.

Stationery gifts for organizers

Stationery gifts for organizers

Next to planners, most organizers rate stationery as one of life’s great pleasures.

These items are often perfect for stocking stuffers, or to put in a basket, or to give daily in a lead up to Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.

Post its are incredibly useful – whether you want to summarize key points from that book you’ve been reading, scrawl reminders to yourself, or have a to-do list that you can stick wherever you want.

Stickers for planners are also a cute and functional gift.

Blank thank you cards are perfect gifts for organizers – enabling them to quickly and easily show their appreciation when the urge strikes.

Pens are also great stationery gifts – beautifully colored pens to enable the organizer to draw up color coded lists, scrawl artful doodles and generally make things look pretty.

And any organized person would also LOVE something to put these pens into.

The following are my top picks:

Redi-Tag divider sticky notes

These are the perfect gift to help the organized person in your life keep track of all their ideas as they read their latest book.

Knock Knock Plan of attack great big sticky note

This gift combines two of any organizer's great loves: to do lists and post its.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Post-it mini notes

These colorful post it notes are perfect stocking stuffers.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
1500+ planner stickers

Add some flair to your organizer's journal with these planner stickers.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Erin Condren stickers

Alternatively, keep on the Erin Condren theme with these stickers to go with the life planner.

36 4x6 Thank you cards

With these thank you cards, the organized one in your life will be able to whip off a quick thank you whenever the moment is right.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Paper Mate gel pens

These gel pens add color and interest to the organizer's planner.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
PILOT FriXion colors erasable marker pens

These are my favorite pens ever as they are erasable - perfect for the perfectionist organizer who hates to make a mistake!

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Wooden pen and pencil holder

There'll be no mess on your organizer's desk with this bright and cheerful pen and pencil holder.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT

Basket gifts for organizers

Baskets are a key weapon in any organizer’s arsenal.

There’s almost as many uses for baskets as there are baskets.

From an organizational point of view, top uses for baskets include:

A basket for each family member to put their various possessions in at the end of the day so they can return them to their rooms
A basket for shoes at the front door
A basket to dump all clutter in when unexpected guests announce they’re on their way
A basket for sorting incoming paperwork
A basket for those items such as keys, wallets and phones

You can see why a basket is a perfect gift for an organized person.

The Warm Home small storage basket

This stylish basket is the perfect size for those small items.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Seville Classics foldable handwoven water hyacinth cube (2 pack)

These baskets fold down when not in use.

10/17/2021 06:33 pm GMT
Organizer Logic storage basket

These baskets are stylish and super versatile.

10/17/2021 06:34 pm GMT

Book gifts for organizers

Closely related to the organizer’s love for organization is their love of systems, and often their love of learning about potential systems.

This makes books on organization, tidying up, and other aspects of home management a winner as a gift for the organizer in your life.

Below are highly recommended books on organization from Amazon:

The life-changing magic of tidying up

The life changing magic of tidying up steps you through the KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.

10/17/2021 06:34 pm GMT
The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning

The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning should be bought for its title alone!

It's focused on the art of clearing your home of unnecessary things to make it easier for your family when the time comes, but anyone can benefit from such a decluttering at any stage of life. 

Mixed in is the author's story which is charmingly sweet.

10/17/2021 06:34 pm GMT
The complete book of home organization

I'll admit that I was drawn to The complete book of home organization because I also have my books sorted by color.

However this aside, it is an incredibly practical walk-you-through approach to getting your whole house in order.

10/17/2021 06:34 pm GMT

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If you’ve been on the hunt for the best gifts for the organized person in your life, you can’t go past this gift guide.

Whether it’s a planner, must-have stationery, handy items such as baskets, books with new and fresh ideas, or a whimsical gift, you’re sure to find an organizer gift they’ll love.

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Saturday 17th of November 2018

I have the life planner and love it so much. Going to show this to my husband with some great hint hints.


Sunday 18th of November 2018

I hope he takes the hint! The Life Planner is great, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by!


Saturday 17th of November 2018

I use a bullet journal myself, but I love that life planner. The concept is great.


Sunday 18th of November 2018

I am actually going to try a bullet journal next year- I was inspired by some of my friends who swear by them. I just have to get over my fear of making it look messy!

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