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Christmas questions to ask your spouse

Use the holiday season as the perfect opportunity to learn more about your loved one with these Christmas questions to ask your spouse.

A happy couple laughing together after asking each other these Christmas questions

Christmas is a busy time where we often celebrate coming together as an extended family. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great opportunity to connect with each other as a couple.

These Christmas questions to ask your spouse are a fun activity to take your mind off your to-do list.

(You could even ask them while celebrating Christmas in July).

They’re also great questions to ask someone you don’t know well, like your younger sister’s new boyfriend, should you be stuck next to them at Christmas dinner!

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Christmas questions to ask

A couple wearing Christmas hats laughing at each other, while holding a jar filled with fairy lights, asking each other Christmas questions
  1. What’s the first Christmas you can remember?
  2. What was the best present you ever received as a child?
  3. What was the worst present you ever received as a child?
  4. What did your family used to do on Christmas Eve?
  5. What’s the earliest you ever woke up on Christmas Day?
  6. Where did Santa leave your presents?
  7. What food or drink did you leave for Santa?
  8. Did Santa ever leave you a note?
  9. Describe a typical Christmas morning as a child.
  10. Who was with you on a typical Christmas Day?
  11. Did your family used to play Christmas music?
  12. Did you ever go singing Christmas carols?
  13. What was your favorite Christmas carol?
  14. What was your traditional Christmas food?
  15. How did Christmas change as you got older?
  16. What new rituals were developed around Christmas?
  17. Did your family have real or artificial trees?
  18. Describe how your family decorated for Christmas.
  19. Did your family play any Christmas games?
  20. Did you used to visit Santa at shopping malls?
  21. Did your family used to send a Christmas letter?
  22. When did you stop believing in Santa?
  23. Did you ever celebrate Christmas with another family (including exes)?
  24. Did you use to drive around to see the Christmas lights / decorations?
  25. How did your pets get to celebrate Christmas?
  26. What’s your favorite Christmas memory featuring a grandparent?
  27. Have you ever sold an unwanted Christmas gift?
  28. Would you prefer someone buy something you ask for or have it be a surprise?
  29. How important is gift giving to you?
  30. What places do you associate with Christmas?
  31. What was your most unusual Christmas?
  32. What was the worst Christmas you ever had?
  33. What was the best Christmas you ever had?
  34. What’s your funniest Christmas story?
  35. Have you ever had Christmas on your own?
  36. Have you ever had Christmas on the opposite side of the world?
  37. How important is Christmas to you?
  38. Describe your perfect Christmas morning.
  39. What items are on your Christmas bucket list?
  40. What are your favorite Christmas foods?
  41. Would you rather have turkey or ham?
  42. Would you rather have trifle or Christmas cake?
  43. Would you rather have a Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner?
  44. What Christmas foods would you like me to make for you or you to make for me?
  45. When do you think the Christmas tree should be taken down?
  46. Should Christmas trees have clear lights or colored?
  47. What’s the most stressful part of Christmas for you?
  48. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
  49. Are you game to wear an ugly Christmas sweater?
  50. What Christmas traditions for couples would you like us to develop?

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These Christmas questions to ask your spouse will not only help you learn more about their past, but will also help give you both some great ideas for future Christmas celebrations.   

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.